Coronavirus worsening in Trump’s USA

This 13 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Florida has reported a record single-day rise in coronavirus cases for a US state, with 15,299 new infections in a day.

The state lifted restrictions in May and has just a href=””>reopened <Disney World despite soaring cases of infection.

Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports from Maryland, US.

If Florida would be an independent country, then it would be fourth country in the world worst hit by COVID-19, surpassed only by (the rest of) Donald Trump’s USA, Bolsonaro‘s Brazil and Modi’s India.

FLORIDA SHATTERS GRIM RECORD… Florida has shattered the national record for the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases as the U.S. struggles with the world’s worst outbreak. Democratic officials called for Houston to lock down again as deaths rise in the South and West. Stay informed with our live updates here. [HuffPost]

Arizona and Texas officials order morgue trucks.

…WHILE NYC REPORTS SOME GOOD NEWS New York City recorded no new deaths from coronavirus in a 24-hour period for the first time since March 13. Lawmakers hailed the milestone but warned the pandemic wasn’t over. “New Yorkers have been the hero of this story, going above and beyond to keep each other safe,” a City Hall spokesperson said. [HuffPost]

DEVOS: CDC GUIDELINES ‘FLEXIBLE’ Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defended her boss’ threat to withhold funds from schools that refuse to reopen amid the pandemic. She refused to say whether her department would follow federal safety health guidelines for reopening, saying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measures like hand washing and mask wearing “are not hard rules.” [HuffPost]

AMERICA ISN’T READY TO BRING BACK SPORTS Professional sports leagues have spent months crafting plans to resume or begin their seasons, but now they’re running up against the reality of America’s failed response to the virus. With millions of dollars at stake, public health experts and players are asking whether sports leagues should be trying to return at all. [HuffPost]

SURGEON GENERAL ON THE DEFENSE U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams tried to walk back his past advice to the public not to wear face masks as the pandemic took off. He likened it to absurd health remedies from the past, like how “once upon a time, we prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics.” Meanwhile, the White House has stepped up attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci, who continues raising alarm about rising U.S. infections. [HuffPost]

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