Dutch bosses expose workers to coronavirus contagion

This 9 April 2020 video says about itself:

Singapore migrant workers under quarantine as coronavirus hits dormitories

Tens of thousands of migrant workers were asked to stay at home as dozens of Covid-19 cases were linked to two dormitories that house foreign workers. Many of them were worried that the poor conditions of the dorms might further spread coronavirus.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

FNV: A million non-healthcare workers risk corona infection at work

A million workers are at risk of corona infection during their work, Dutch trade union federation FNV reports after a tour of various sectors. Healthcare work was not included in the tour.

Keeping a meter and a half away is crucial for our health, now and in the near future. Things are not going well in many workplaces, sometimes even badly. An unacceptable situation”, said Vice-President Kitty Jong. The union says it has received “many hundreds of complaints” about workplace safety.

A tour was made along the distribution centers, mail sorting, cleaning sector, aviation and social workshops. Employees cannot keep enough distance and there is a lack of protective equipment.

According to an estimate by the FNV, nearly 62,000 people work in the distribution centers. “The distribution centers, with their crowded environment and production standards, are not equipped to keep a distance of one and a half meters”, says FNV executive member Handel Mari Martens. “It is impossible to comply with the health authority directive and also meet your productivity standard. In distribution centers, the government is not present to monitor and enforce.”

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: here.

21 thoughts on “Dutch bosses expose workers to coronavirus contagion

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