Airline workers demand coronavirus safety

This 21 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Social distancing during coronavirus, explained by an expert

To fight coronavirus, we need to change how we live.

“Social distancing”, also called physical distancing, is the best way to slow the spread of coronavirus and save lives in your community. It means leaving home as little as possible, keeping six feet away from others in public, and generally just limiting in-person social contact. But the rules of social distancing can be sort of blurry and confusing. Can you have close friends over for dinner? Can you visit relatives? Can you get on a plane if you’re wearing a face mask? What is life even supposed to look like without social contact?

We spoke with University of Pennsylvania social epidemiologist Carolyn Cannuscio about how we should think about social distancing, and what measures we should each be taking to do our part in slowing down the pandemic. Practicing social distancing properly isn’t easy, she says. But it’s also the best thing that each of us can do right now in the service of public health.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Trade union wants 1.5 meters distancing on board of all flights

The cabin crew union VNC no longer considers it safe for cabin crew to fly crowded aircraft. They want KLM to observe the 1.5-meter rule on all flights that are still going on. The union is also very concerned about continuing to fly to the New York airport JFK. New York is the epicentre of the corona crisis in the USA.

The VNC calls it irresponsible that there are still flights to New York seven times a week. “It is a greatly increased chance that we will carry passengers with coronavirus and thereby expose the cabin crew to immense risk.”

The VNC expects KLM to stop flights immediately, just like when China was the corona epicentre. KLM has not yet responded.

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