Coronavirus kills African Americans

This 9 April 2020 video says about itself:

“Exposing U.S. Racism in a Stark New Way”: COVID-19 Kills Disproportionate Number of Black Americans

We speak with family physician and epidemiologist Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones about how the coronavirus is taking a devastating toll on black Americans, who are disproportionately dying from the virus across the country as a result of entrenched racial inequality.

Black Americans are more likely to have chronic health problems and less likely to have insurance. They also make up significant numbers of frontline workers that are still going to work amid the pandemic. Jones is the former president of the American Public Health Association. Her recent piece for Newsweek magazine is headlined “Coronavirus Disease Discriminates. Our Health Care Doesn’t Have To.”

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus kills African Americans

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