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    Oil company executives and lobbyists have directly appealed to the White House to siphon off COVID-19 relief funds to prop up the dying fossil fuel industry. We can’t let that happen.Tell Congress now that NO COVID-19 relief funds should go to Big Oil. GOAL: 5,000 signatures today »



    Last week oil lobbyists DIRECTLY asked President Trump — at a public, in-person (!) meeting at the White House with CEOs from Chevron, ExxonMobil, and other oil and gas companies — for their industry to be included in COVID-19 relief efforts.

    The President’s reaction? “I’m with you 1,000 percent.”

    Lola, this is alarming. All of our relief efforts right now should be focused on protecting our health and providing economic relief for families and small businesses who need it most — NOT helping industries whose pollution makes death from COVID-19 more likely, and perpetuates and entrenches systemic environmental injustice and racism. But if Trump has his way, even the largest oil companies could be in line to access price supports and bailout funds.

    You can take the first step to fight back today as Congress considers additional legislation to protect our health and economy: Will you be one of the 5,000 LCV supporters we need to tell Congress to stop a Big Oil bailout?

    The fossil fuel industry already receives billions in subsidies from taxpayers. Big Polluters that spew carbon and routinely release carcinogens and other toxins into communities of color and low-wealth neighborhoods don’t deserve a single cent of taxpayer money that should be for COVID-19 relief.

    More relief packages are about to work their way through Congress, and we know the President and anti-environment Republicans are listening to Big Oil and will try to funnel favors their way. It’s essential we ramp up our work to organize (digitally!) and fight back against industry pressure for a Big Oil bailout, ASAP.

    That’s why we’re asking you to take action now and tell Congress: no Big Oil bailout! GOAL: 5,000 actions by midnight »

    There are so many ways we could respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to protect families’ health, invest in growing an equitable clean energy economy, address the legacies of environmental injustice, and solve the climate crisis. We could use this opportunity to improve public health in all communities, starting with cleaning up air and water in communities of color that have long borne the burden of industrial pollution. We could end our reliance on fossil fuels and expand support for workers to transition to jobs in the clean energy economy.

    Congress needs to do everything possible to ensure these are the outcomes of COVID-19 relief funds — and that means doing whatever we can to prevent oil and gas lobbyists from directing these relief efforts to fossil fuel companies.

    Don’t let Congress bend to pressure from Big Oil: Be one of 5,000 people to contact Congress to demand that Big Oil shouldn’t receive a single cent of bailout money »

    Thank you for urging Congress to listen to people instead of polluters. We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy, and we’re so grateful to have you fighting alongside us.

    Brooke Still
    Director of Digital Strategy
    League of Conservation Voters


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