Coronavirus crisis, worldwide

This 9 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Fox News‘ INSANE Covid Claim

Fox News: Covid’s not so bad. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Canada: Alberta doctors protest UCP government’s funding cuts amid coronavirus pandemic. By Janet Browning, 9 April 2020. More than 800 doctors signed an angry open letter to the hard-right United Conservative Party government protesting cuts to doctors’ fees that will result in reduced services at hundreds of rural clinics across the province.

The vicious choice advanced by Brazil’s fascist President Jair Bolsonaro at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis – that workers keep working, exposing themselves to the coronavirus, or starve – is becoming more and more concrete for millions. As Bolsonaro conducts a virulent agitation for a premature return to work, in tune with US President Donald Trump and the interests of Brazilian and international capitalists, layoffs and wage cuts are spreading throughout the country at the same pace as the new and deadly coronavirus: here.

Police in Pakistan beat and arrest health care workers protesting over Coronavirus safety concerns, lack of PPE. By Dr. Zayar, 9 April 2020. Police brutally attacked several hundred medical staff after they marched to the house of the Balochistan Chief Minister in Quetta to protest the lack of personal protective equipment or PPE.

Social crisis looms in Pakistan as COVID-19 pandemic surges. By Sampath Perera, 9 April 2020. Pakistan’s health authorities expect the outbreak in the country will increase rapidly this month to hit 50,000 cases by April 25.

Sri Lanka government intensifies crackdown on social media. By Vimukthi Vidarshana, 9 April 2020. The arrest of social media users exposing Colombo’s inadequate responses to COVID-19 will be extended to online publishers and media outlets.

Decline in COVID-19 testing casts doubt on claims Australia is “flattening the curve”. By Martin Scott, 9 April 2020. The narrow focus of testing conceals the true scope of the pandemic.

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