Coronavirus pandemic, worldwide news

This 14 April 2020 video is called [Chilean right-wing president] Piñera Admin Counts COVID-19 Deaths As ‘Recovered’.

Coronavirus exposes Chilean two-tiered health system as deathtrap. By Mauricio Saavedra, 15 April 2020. It is the policy of sustained socio-economic shock therapy initiated under Pinochet that lay the groundwork for incalculable loss of life today.

Canadian workers denounce lack of safety measures and forced labor. By our reporters, 15 April 2020. “If they ask me what is needed before the lockdown measures are lifted, I would definitely say health,” a Quebec construction worker told the WSWS.

How Emmanuel Macron bungled France’s coronavirus response.

Deaths continue to soar as European governments step up back-to-work plans. By Alice Summers, 15 April 2020. Another 27,531 Covid-19 cases in Europe were reported Tuesday, bringing the total to nearly one million.

Germany: Hesse politicians and employers expose workers to risk of COVID-19 infection. By Marianne Arens, 15 April 2020. Refuse workers report how they are given no protection and are expected to travel home in their dirty overalls.

German National Academy of Sciences demands reopening of primary schools. By Peter Schwarz, 15 April 2020. The call for human life to be weighed against economic value runs through the statement from start to finish.

Greek medical workers demand funds to combat coronavirus pandemic. By John Vassilopoulos, 15 April 2020. Greece only had 560 intensive care unit beds as the pandemic began, 6 per 1 million inhabitants compared to 29.2 in Germany.

Garment workers protest in Bangladesh as COVID-19 spreads. By Wimal Perera, 15 April 2020. Employers have shuttered the plants, sacking thousands of workers and refusing to pay outstanding wages.

Australia: Two hospitals close in Tasmania after COVID-19 outbreak. By Martin Scott, 15 April 2020. Six patients have died and more than 40 health workers have tested positive.

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