Big anti-racist murder protest in Dutch Eindhoven

This 6 June 2020 Dutch local TV video is about the big anti-racist murder protest in Dutch Eindhoven city today.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

The demonstration in Eindhoven has ended. The municipality estimates that there were about 1,700 participants, far more than the local authority-authorized maximum of 700 and than the 200 that the organization had expected. However, coronavirus safety was not compromised according to the municipality. “For the additional influx, buffer zones were located on the side of the square, without compromising the health of demonstrators.”

Mayor John Jorritsma is positive about the course of the demonstration. “I have previously pointed out the responsibility of the organization and the participants. They have shown that demonstrating in this age of coronavirus is possible, with the necessary adjustments, respect for each other and each other’s health. I am proud of that.”

The demonstration started with a minute of silence, Omroep Brabant writes. “For all victims of police brutality. For all Black Lives victims. Also for the Dutch victims,” said one of the organizers.

This 6 June 2020 video is about the Black Lives Matter protest in Utrecht.

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