United States bosses endanger workers’ coronavirus safety

This 31 March 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Krystal Ball: Will Wildcat Strikes Lead To Political Revolution?

Krystal Ball discusses the lack of safety, unsanitary conditions, and absent paid leave the working class is facing at companies like Amazon and [Amazon boss Jeff Bezos-owned] Whole Foods.

From senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the USA today:

I am writing to you today about Walmart and the coronavirus pandemic.

Walmart, which is owned by the wealthiest family in the country, has millions of employees who are providing essential services for the country right now, keeping us fed and stocked during this unprecedented pandemic.

These workers, who are stocking shelves, checking out customers, and doing everything else to serve tens of millions of people, are critical to keeping our country functioning.

And it is past time for Walmart to give them the health protections and benefits they deserve. Because right now, Walmart workers say they do not have the protective gear they need; very few Walmart workers have paid leave they can use; and many are making low wages.

That must change. Will you join me in calling on Walmart to protect its workers?

I’m asking if you can add your name to our petition calling on Walmart to protect its employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Please add your name now.

While many may not have thought so before this crisis, it is clear that grocery workers are absolutely essential to keeping our society functioning.

Walmart workers are asking for three main things as they perform their critical jobs:

  1. Prevention & safety: Provide gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective gear to all employees who interact with customers, vendors, and suppliers.
  2. Paid leave: Provide adequate paid sick days, paid family leave, and comprehensive health coverage that they can afford.
  3. Hazard pay: Double the regular pay for employees who decide to come to work during this health pandemic.

Basic protections so they don’t get sick or spread the virus. Paid leave. Hazard pay.

These are simple demands for critical workers employed by the wealthiest family in the country.

We know that Walmart and the Walton family can make this happen. Now we need tens of thousands of people like you standing up to demand it.

And that is why I am asking you today if you can add your name to our petition asking for safety protections, paid leave, and hazard pay for Walmart workers. This is important.

What we are seeing during this pandemic is that all kinds of workers are essential to our country, and that it is past time for them to be treated like it. Thank you for adding your name to protect Walmart workers, and workers everywhere.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

8 thoughts on “United States bosses endanger workers’ coronavirus safety

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