US televangelist preaches bloody war on Vuvuzela … err… Venezuela

This 12 April 2019 video from the USA is called Pat Robertson Recommends Droning Vuvuzela.

As fundamentalist televangelist Pat Robertson does not know the difference between the South African music instrument vuvuzela and the oil rich country Venezuela, which is in the crosshairs of Robertson’s fellow Republican Donald Trump.

To help the bloodthirsty ‘reverend’ Robertson, here is a video about vuvuzelas.

The 14 June 2010 video shows vuvuzelas played by football supporters during a Netherlands-Denmark international match.

The Pentagon has been ordered to draw up military plans “aimed at deterring Russian, Cuban and Chinese influence” in Venezuela, CNN reported late Monday: here.

17 thoughts on “US televangelist preaches bloody war on Vuvuzela … err… Venezuela

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