US troops kill Iraqi girl

This video is called Iraqi girl raped by US soldiers.

From the New York Times in the USA:

American soldiers accidentally shot and killed a young Iraqi girl in Diyala Province on Wednesday, and three soldiers were killed in a rocket attack in the southeast, as a wave of deadly violence continued.

The military said soldiers in Diyala fired a warning shot near “a suspicious woman who appeared to be signaling to someone.” They then found the girl, whose age was not released, with a gunshot wound. …

In Basra, in the south, a dispute arose between American military officials and family members of 16 Iraqi bus passengers who were killed Tuesday on a highway between Nasiriya and Basra. …

Family members, who demonstrated Wednesday outside the provincial council’s office, said the convoy began firing on the bus after the explosion. A passenger on the bus, Qasim Salih Jaber, also said that when the bomb detonated, the convoy fired.

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