German nazi, Lübcke murderer, no ‘lone wolf’

This 26 Juni video, from the regional parliament of Bavaria in Germany, by (right-wing) daily Bild, says that during a speech in commemoration of murdered politician Walter Lübcke, most MPs stood up; but not Ralph Müller, representative of the far-right AfD party.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

New arrests in Lübcke murder case, gun storage discovered

In the investigation into the murder of CDU politician Walter Lübcke, two more men were arrested, German media report. The police tracked them down thanks to information from the main suspect in the case, the neo-nazi Stephan E. (45).

One man who has now been arrested is said to have supplied the murder weapon, the other one is said to have brought the murder suspect and the arms dealer in contact with each other.

Stephan E. made a confession after his arrest and then claimed that he had no accomplices. …

It is not known whether they [the recently arrested men] also have links with right-wing extremist circles. There is a clue about this: according to German media, [Hitler age] nazi relics have been seized in the home of one of them.

Weapons storage

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily, an underground weapons store was discovered after the confession by E. The newspaper writes that at least five weapons were found there, including an Uzi, and also ammunition. Whether the murder weapon has also been found is not clear. E. did not want to say in the interrogations so far where he had left the weapon.

The newspaper further writes that E. already purchased part of his weaponry in 2014. He was said to have acquired the murder weapon three years ago. The police are now investigating whether the weapons have been used in previous crimes.

Lübcke was killed in early June in the garden of his home near Kassel. The police tracked the suspect through DNA testing. The German Public Prosecution Service treats the case as a political murder with a right-wing extremist background.

E. has stated that he killed Lübcke because of his advocacy of generous reception of refugees. The CDU politician had been threatened for a few years.

Especially in 2015, after LÜbcke had criticized the racist Pegida organisation. Then, this year, the witch hunt started again, especially by ex-MP and AfD supporter Erika Steinbach.

FAR-RIGHT EXTREMIST CONFESSES TO POLITICIAN’S MURDER Close to 10,000 people gathered in central Germany to protest far-right extremism after an avowed neo-Nazi confessed to murdering pro-migrant politician Walter Lübcke. [HuffPost]

21 thoughts on “German nazi, Lübcke murderer, no ‘lone wolf’

  1. I don’t know much and i didn’t learne much and I forgot most: Maybe the man is seriously handicapped and can’t stand at all. Or maybe the man doesn’t know what it is about. Or maybe the man thinks that killing liberals like Walter Lübcke is nothing special. Shit just happened. But one thing I do know: It is about time to investigated the AfD if it is what it looks like, a Fascist Party.


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