29 thoughts on “United States Vice President’s son grabs at Ukrainian gas money

  1. UKRAINE: Russia ratcheted up pressure on Kiev today, with President Vladimir Putin saying in a letter that it would only deliver gas to its neighbour next month if it pays in advance.

    Mr Putin first warned in April that Moscow would switch to pre-paid deliveries if Ukraine failed to start settling its mounting gas debt.

    The debt to Russia has now reached £2.1 billion, even though Ukraine has received a £1.9bn bailout from the International Monetary Fund.



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  4. UKRAINE: The Kiev government today proposed to split state-owned gas company Naftogaz into three separate businesses to comply with European Union rules regulating competition in the energy sector.

    “Naftogaz will deal exclusively with trading gas,” said Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

    “A Ukrainian company to transport gas and a company to store gas underground will also be created.”

    Reforming Naftogaz and cutting its debts were conditions of an International Monetary Fund bailout.



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