Islamophobic attack on French mosque

This 2013 video is about the mosque in Créteil in France.

Unfortunately, terrorism against mosques with cars happens not just in London. Fortunately, this time the results were not as bloody as in London.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Man tries to crush crowd at mosque near Paris with car

Today, 21:12

French police has arrested a man who tried to drive a car into a crowd of people in front of a mosque. There were no injured people.

The incident happened in Créteil, near Paris. The man did not manage to hit people with his four-wheel drive, because there were wickets and other obstacles near the mosque. The man was arrested at home later on.

… The newspaper Le Parisien reports that the man said he wanted to take revenge for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

SHOOTING NEAR FRENCH MOSQUE An unidentified gunman shot and wounded an imam and one other person Thursday in front of a mosque in the western French city of Brest, then killed himself, police said. France’s interior minister ordered security tightened at places of worship around the country. [AP]

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