After burning people alive, anti-Jewish pogrom in Odessa, Ukraine?

Holocaust monument in Odessa, Ukraine, before anti-Semites vandalized it

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today, about Ukraine:

Kiev also made efforts to restore control over the city of Odessa.

The coup government sent a national guard unit to re-establish control over the Black Sea port city, prompting fears in the local Jewish community that they would be targeted by neonazis linked to the new regime.

Jewish leaders in the city told Israel’s Jerusalem Post at the weekend they had prepared to flee the city if necessary. Last month a monument to the 34,000 Odessa Jews killed during the nazi occupation was vandalised and painted over with swastikas and symbols of the Right Sector fascist group.

Kiev is escalating attacks on cities which do not recognise the new regime.

Odessa had been largely unaffected by Ukraine’s deepening conflict — until 46 people died on Friday, most incinerated in the trade union centre as they sought refuge from a pro-Kiev mob.

Anti-fascists gathered in Odessa yesterday morning at the funeral of regional member of parliament Vyacheslav Markin, who died in the fire and was known for speaking out against the interim government in Kiev.

New York Times covers up fascist atrocity in Odessa: here.

A politically conformist media has long been considered a characteristic of dictatorships. Not any more. One can also speak of such a conformist press in the coverage of Ukraine in the German media: here.

2015 commemoration in Odessa: here.

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10 thoughts on “After burning people alive, anti-Jewish pogrom in Odessa, Ukraine?

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  3. You’d be better off coming to the country and seeing and hearing things for yourself before reporting hearsay. The Maidan Revolution, which overthrew the Yanukovich government, was made up of and funded by prominent members of the Jewish community. I enjoy your blog but you need to check your sources much better. What’s going on right now involves many provocations and counter-provocations.

    One shouldn’t let the Right Sector overshadow what essentially has been a battle for freedom, transparency and anti-corruption. Talking about the Right Sector is precisely what Russia wants the rest of the world to do while Russia continues destabilising this country.

    • Hi, a standard sentence by defenders of apartheid in South Africa used to be: “Have you been to South Africa yourself? No? Then you don’t have the right to an opinion on that country”.

      Overthrows of governments by rich Jews’ money, as you suggest about the violent overthrow of the Kiev government, sounds too much like a page from the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Maybe some anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist in Moscow will believe that, but I won’t.

      Anti-corruption? Yes, some participants in the Maidan movement genuinely disliked corruption. However, there was corruption before Yanukovich, during Yanukovich, and now, after Yanukovich, there is still corruption and oligarchs.

      Some Maidan people naively believed the European Union would bring prosperity. Well, to paraphrase your words, they did not “come” (reading about it might have been enough) to Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland, where the European Union “austerity” destroyed the economy, health care, education, etc.

      Angela Merkel’s Sweatshop Europe plan:

      Transparency? Edward Snowden provided transparency about billions of people being spied upon by the United States NSA. For this, US government officials threatened his life.

      The Right Sector and Svoboda neo-nazis played a major role in the escalation of violence which drove away the old government of Ukraine. They were rewarded with positions like Vice Premier in the new government. So, why not talk about them? The first time ever since 1945 that nazis are in a European government.

      Let us suppose there would be a new coalition government in London, Britain. A government which would include the nazis of the British National Party and the English Defense League. I can very well imagine that people who had never ever been Scottish, Welsh, or Cornish nationalists, would suddenly become very eager to declare independence from London for Scotland, Wales or Cornwall. And no need for “Moscow gold” theories to explain that.

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