Candidate Biden scared of climate debate, stops it

This 29 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Sunrise leader has a message for [chairman of the Democratic party National Committee] Tom Perez

Sunrise Movement‘s Lauren Maunus shares her disappointment at the lack of DNC [Democratic National Committee] sponsored climate debate.

From Senator Bernie Sanders‘ group Our Revolution in the USA, 29 August 2019:

Despite overwhelming support from Democratic voters and activists, and many presidential candidates, last weekend the DNC voted against hosting a debate dedicated to the climate crisis — a crisis that threatens the survival of every living being on earth.

And amazingly, a senior advisor to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign actively campaigned against a climate debate.

While it’s understandable why the Biden campaign wanted to kill it (after all, he’s publicly supported fracking in the past), our democracy is weaker thanks to the Biden campaign’s efforts to oppose a dedicated climate debate.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we continue our mission of challenging the stranglehold that centrists and their big-money donors have on our politics.

We can’t allow the so-called “centrists” (an odd name for a group of people most known for holding unpopular, corporate-friendly opinions) and their allies in the media to distort the science of the climate crisis. That’s why we need your help to continue organizing inside the Democratic Party and outside for real change as we fight the climate crisis.


The whole team at Our Revolution

BIDEN’S APPEAL WANES Former Vice President Joe Biden, 76, has maintained a comfortable lead over his fellow Democratic presidential candidates. But his campaign has become plagued by doubts over his age, fitness for office and whether, as a moderate, he can be a standard-bearer for a party that has grown increasingly liberal. [Reuters]

BIDEN ‘DIDN’T REALIZE’ FUNDRAISER’S FOSSIL FUEL TIES Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said at CNN’s forum on climate change that he was unaware that a fundraiser he’s slated to attend on Thursday is being co-hosted by a founder of a fossil fuel company. [HuffPost]

DEM CLIMATE FORUM EXPOSES FAULT LINES At CNN’s marathon climate crisis town hall, the top 10 candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination united on some key issues. But fault lines opened on fossil fuels, fracking, nuclear energy and the Senate filibuster, suggesting a debate on these differences should be at the forefront of the nomination process, not relegated to a sidebar. [HuffPost]

Shame on CNN and the New York Times moderators for ignoring the climate crisis. By Kate Aronoff, 16 October 2019. Virtually every area of politics will be affected by global heating. So why couldn’t moderators be bothered to ask Democratic candidates about it?

23 thoughts on “Candidate Biden scared of climate debate, stops it

  1. The DNC killed the climate debate despite broad support for the idea nationwide — including from most of the Democratic presidential candidates.

    However, the campaign of Joe Biden (who has publicly supported fracking before), went all out to stop the debate. They even sent a senior advisor to the DNC meeting to ensure that the debate won’t happen.

    Our grassroots movement must fight back against this cowardice. The climate crisis is too important to allow pro-corporate candidates like Joe Biden to stand in our way.

    Thank you for all that you do,

    Paco Fabián
    Director of Campaigns Our Revolution


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  7. Our work of transforming the Democratic Party is just as important as winning the presidency and electing progressive candidates up and down the ballot. That’s why Our Revolution is fighting so hard to make the party more democratic, transparent, accountable, and representative of the 99%.

    It’s we the people vs. corporate politicians willing to sell out our best interests for career advancement. To win this fight, we all need to come together.

    Can we count on you to chip in whatever you can here to help us show the Democratic establishment that we are committed to supporting and electing progressive candidates in Nebraska and all over the country?

    One state where progressives are really on the move is Nebraska, where the Democratic Party — under the leadership of state chair Jane Kleeb — is doing the important work of bridging the urban-rural divide, bringing progressive populism back to the prairie states.

    Under Jane’s leadership, Nebraska Democrats have been on the front-lines of the Keystone XL pipeline fight and efforts to bring together farmers, ranchers, and Tribal Nations.

    Here’s the problem: some establishment Democrats have a problem with reformers. They just don’t get why her work is so important to building the progressive coalition we will need to win and govern. That’s why I’m writing to you now.

    Can we count on you to chip in whatever you can here to help us show the Democratic establishment that we are committed to supporting and electing progressives in Nebraska and all over the country?

    If you’ve stored your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process immediately.

    Our Revolution now has over 70 DNC members and a number of state chairs, like Jane Kleeb, fighting with us to advance the debate on climate change, to end the party’s reliance on corporate PAC money, to stop “superdelegates” from putting their thumbs on the scale in primaries, and to push for accountability and transparency in party affairs.

    Party positions like state chair and DNC members are often overlooked, but they are critical to how the party recruits candidates, how they reach voters, and the nuts and bolts of reforms that expand the vote like opening up primaries to Independent voters and encouraging more vote-by-mail programs. Jane Kleeb is doing all of this in Nebraska.

    As Our Revolution board member Jim Hightower says, we are not here to overthrow the party; we are here to become the party — the party of the people.

    So I’m urging you to make a contribution now to advance the important work taking place in Nebraska. Let the farmers, progressives, and Tribal Nations in that prairie state know that Our Revolution is fighting with them.

    Thank you for being a part of the political revolution.

    Jim Zogby
    Our Revolution, Board Member


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