US Democratic establishment bans climate change debate

This 7 June 2019 video from the USA is called Democratic [party] National Committee Bans Presidential Candidates From Doing Climate Change Debate.

Apparently, the establishment DNC is scared that in a debate on the extremely important climate change issue, it would turn out that left-wing candidates like Bernie Sanders have better policies than the corporate right-wing candidates with their links to fossil fuel Big Money; like 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had.

Inadvertently, the Wall Street DNC Democrats by their ban show how important the subject of global warming is.

From the 314Action pro-climate science organisation in the USA today:

Tens of thousands of you spoke up, but the Democratic National Committee JUST announced it will NOT host a debate on climate change:

DNC won't hold climate change themed debate, despite popularity. -- MSNBC

Demand a debate

But there is hope — More than four DOZEN DNC members are revolting and organizing a petition drive to force the DNC to reverse course.

Over 50 voting members of the Democratic National Committee have submitted a resolution to hold a presidential debate devoted exclusively to the topic of climate change... The signers plan to collect more signatures and submit the resolution for official consideration at a DNC meeting in Pittsburgh at the end of the month. -- Huffington Post

That gives us just three weeks to help them assemble signatures:

Add your name and join tens of thousands of Americans in calling for an All-Climate Debate

The DNC is also THREATENING candidates if they choose to form and organize a debate on climate change on their own.

No candidate should be punished for trying to organize Democrats to discuss the biggest existential issue of our times — climate change.

We need to help the revolting DNC members gather as many signatures as possible:

Add yours today!

I support a climate debate

Thank you,

314 Action Advocacy Team

Paid for by 314 Action Fund,, not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee.

This video shows which subject the Democratic party National Committee is banning from debating.

This 7 June 2019 video from the USA is called Climate Change Could Set Human Extinction in Motion by 2050, Study Finds.

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C could prevent thousands of deaths in the U.S. A study projecting heat-related mortality in 15 cities illustrates urban risk from warming. By Aimee Cunningham, 2:00pm, June 5, 2019.

FARMERS BATTLE CLIMATE CHANGE FLOOD HELL Panicked farmers throughout the Midwest are facing the increasing probability that vast tracts of fields will remain unplanted or crops will fail this year as much of their land remains under water or too sodden for farm equipment and plants. [HuffPost]

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    Over the weekend, we shared with you the unfortunate news that the DNC REJECTED our calls to host an All-Climate Presidential Debate.

    Lola, tens of thousands of you joined the petition drive calling on the DNC to reverse course — And it’s gaining momentum!

    15 Presidential candidates (and counting!) are joining our call for a Presidential debate on Climate Change.

    We need to keep the momentum going.

    So far, more than FIFTY DNC officials and FIFTEEN Presidential candidates have broken ranks with the DNC in support of a #PresidentialClimateDebate.

    This would be the FIRST debate of its kind — And it could set up a national precedent that could be followed in every Presidential election to follow.

    It also would provide an incredible service: We’re still waiting on multiple candidates to release their comprehensive plan to address the climate crisis if elected.

    Thank you,

    314 Action Advocacy Team


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