United States Democratic chair resigns in anti-Sanders sabotage scandal

This video from the USA says about itself:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigns, Sanders Fans React

Cenk Uygur announces that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned as the head of the Democratic National Committee at a TYT meet up in Philadelphia.

From United States Representative Alan Grayson from Florida:

Weaponizing religion

A couple of weeks ago, my Communications Director asked me whether I had dual citizenship with Israel. I told him no. And I well recalled that a few months ago, Democratic Party operatives spread the same rumor about Bernie Sanders – and had it sprung on Sen. Sanders, without warning, on national TV.

Your party dollars, at work. Those flaks and hacks have no clue about how to defeat Republicans, but they sure do love that blue-on-blue action.

Blue is the colour of the Democratic party.

They even go so far as to weaponize religion. Like asking whether Bernie Sanders and I are dual citizens with Israel, because we are Jewish. Or planting a question to try to make it seem that Sanders is an atheist, as we found out that they did from WikiLeaks yesterday.

Oy gevalt. God forbid that we should ever have a debate on what’s best for the American people.

Don’t let these scummy party flaks and hacks get away with it. Contribute to our campaign so that we can blow past these cheap attacks, and put another good progressive in the US Senate.

Here’s another example from Wikileaks: Democratic Party operatives tried to plant the story that the Sanders campaign was falling apart. And – lo and behold! – we had exactly the same story planted against us last year, because two campaign staffers left the campaign and one shifted to part-time – over the course of four months!

One reporter told me that he was getting five calls a day from my “Democratic” opponent’s staff, dishing dirt on me. Starting a year ago. (The word “Democratic” is in scare quotes because my primary opponent is really a Republican masquerading as a Democrat – a fact that our corrupt party Establishment actually embraces.)

Of course, the party’s brutal interference in our race isn’t limited to disseminating lies. They’re spending a cool million dollars to try to defeat us – even though we’re doing better in the November polls than the callow tool who they’re desperately trying to drag across the finish line.

It comes down to this – whose party is it? I say that it’s Ours, not Theirs. Are you with me?

Our primary is barely a month away. Please contribute to our “It’s Our Party” fund, and help us to victory.


Rep. Alan Grayson

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