Climate change news update

Extinction Rebellion climate protest in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This photo shows an Extinction Rebellion climate protest in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today, Amsterdam police has arrested 140 pro-climate demonstrators.

Population aging projections across the US show a divide between cities and rural areas, which could lead to pockets of vulnerability to climate change. Rural parts of the US are aging more rapidly than urban areas, which could lead to greater vulnerability to climate change in those areas, according to new IIASA research: here.

Extreme high temperatures caused by CO2 emissions could lead to losses in labor productivity. The authors found that every trillion tons of CO2 emitted could cause global GDP losses of about half a percent. They add that we may already be seeing economic losses of as much as 2% of global GDP as a result of what we have already emitted: here.

A new material that can selectively capture carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules and efficiently convert them into useful organic materials has been developed by researchers at Kyoto University, along with colleagues at the University of Tokyo and Jiangsu Normal University in China. They describe the material in the journal Nature Communications. Human consumption of fossil fuels has resulted in rising global CO2 emissions, leading to serious problems associated with global warming and climate change. One possible way to counteract this is to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, but current methods are highly energy intensive. The low reactivity of CO2 makes it difficult to capture and convert it efficiently: here.

American lobster is Canada’s most valuable fishery, contributing 44 percent of the total commercial value of all fisheries in Atlantic Canada in 2016. Lobster landings have been trending upward in recent decades, and many small rural communities in Atlantic Canada rely heavily on lobster for their economic well-being. Changing climate could have a significant impact on the fishery and on those communities: here.

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