Biden wins South Carolina, Sanders still frontrunner

This 29 February 2020 video about the USA says about itself:

Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Primary, but Bernie Sanders is Still the Frontrunner

Earlier tonight, Joe Biden was projected to be the big winner of the South Carolina primary, with Bernie Sanders in a clear but distant second place. No one else appears to be viable for delegates. Many in the media in sources like MSNBC and CNN are suggesting that this is a sign of change in the campaign, but the fundamental reality is that Bernie Sanders remains the national frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic nomination and the favourite for a strong Super Tuesday result.

Biden had concentrated all his fossil fuel corporate donated money and campaigning on relatively small South Carolina; after he had lost the three previous primary elections; and a fourth defeat would have been the end of his campaign. It worked for him; there. But how will that work in big states like Texas and California this Tuesday, the Super Tuesday in primary elections?

This 29 February 2020 video from the USA is called SHOCK: Biden Hasn’t Campaigned In ANY Super Tuesday States.

8 thoughts on “Biden wins South Carolina, Sanders still frontrunner

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  3. Given this situation, the Democrats circled the wagons against Bernie. In South Carolina, Joe Biden did indeed win the primary by a hefty margin. But the way the media covered this exposes their not-so-hidden agenda. In 2016, Bernie Sanders was crushed in South Carolina by 47 points and he received just 96,500 votes. This time, Sanders lost by just 28 points and his total vote was over 105,000, actually gaining votes, although there were many other candidates. Warren received more than 37,000 votes, many whom would have voted for Sanders if she were no longer in the race. And Biden received fewer votes than Clinton did in 2016, despite this year’s larger turnout. Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media did not point any of this out. Instead, they carried the establishment message that “Biden is back!” to help build his momentum going into Super Tuesday.


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