‘Biden candidacy will help Donald Trump’

This 6 July 2019 video from the USA is called Medea Benjamin of [women’s peace movement] CodePink: Joe Biden Will Result in Trump‘s Re-election.

Like the Democratic party 2016 candidacy of another ‘centristcorporate politician, Hillary Clinton, handed Trump the presidency.

BIDEN NO LONGER UNEQUIVOCAL FRONT-RUNNER The Democratic presidential primary is no longer dominated by a single front-runner, the latest polling suggests, breaking the months of relative stasis during which former Vice President Joe Biden carried an extensive lead over the rest of the field. [HuffPost]

BIDEN: ‘POOR KIDS’ AS BRIGHT AS ‘WHITE KIDS’ Accident-prone Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden quickly launched into damage control on Thursday after he told the audience at a town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.” [HuffPost]

CEOs claim Biden’s brother promised them 2020 candidate would help their companies. Court filings claim James Biden told executives Joe Biden could be influenced to adopt their business model: here.

15 thoughts on “‘Biden candidacy will help Donald Trump’

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