‘Joe Biden may lose against Donald Trump’

This 10 March 2020 video from the USA is called Brace for Disaster in November: Biden Dominates on Mini Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden won many delegates in yesterday’s primary elections. If he will become the Democratic party presidential candidate, then he may well lose the November election to Donald Trump, like Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Unless Trump does something unexpectedly stupid and Biden does something unexpectedly clever.

While Bernie Sanders might beat Trump.

It looks like the primary results are caused by elderly voters being over-represented. Young voters, who will have to deal most with the consequences of climate change, and who mainly vote for Sanders, were outvoted.

If Biden loses the election to Trump, then it will be four more years with climate disasters.

If Biden becomes president, then there will be no Green New Deal like Sanders advocates. There will probably be some small token pro-environment gestures which won’t hurt the profits of Biden’s fossil fuel sponsors.

17 thoughts on “‘Joe Biden may lose against Donald Trump’

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