Demjanjuk was Sobibor nazi murderer, new proof

This video says about itself:

Survivors Of Sobibor Seek Justice

The Last Holocaust Trial – June 2009

Some 170,000 Jews were murdered at the Nazi death camp Sobibor. Only 8 people out of those who survived are still alive today. Now they’re calling for justice for the last remaining Sobibor prison guard.

‘I am innocent, innocent’ Demjanjuk cried 20 years ago when falsely accused of torturing Jews at the Treblinka death camp. But there is now solid evidence that he operated the industrial killing machines at Sobibor. ‘I think of her often’ says Jules, one of the few survivors of Sobibor. On the day of arrival his wife was sent to the gas chamber. Others were whipped or taken to a quiet place and shot. ‘There’s no statute of limitation for the crimes committed there’ says genocide expert, Johannes. Many have asked whether it’s right for Demjanjuk, now 89, to stand trial. But Jules, plagued by nightmares of his wife’s murder, will not rest until it’s over – ‘That is justice, it’s not revenge’.

Translated from the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany today:

Photos show Demjanjuk im concentradtion camp Sobibor

The nazi ally John Demjanjuk was convicted in 2011 for helping a thousandfold murder – after a complicated trial.

Demjanjuk died in 2012, before the judgment against him became final.

Now photos have appeared, which then might have been important evidence.

Revealed in the estate of a former deputy commander of the extermination camp Sobibor, according to information of the Berlin Nazi Documentation Center: photos of the nazi criminal John Demjanjuk (1920-2012). It is the first time that the 2011 nazi helper, convicted in Munich in 2011, can be seen on the camp site.

It’s a small sensation: until his death in March 2012, Demjanjuk had not admitted that he had been in Sobibor. The court case against him, when in 2011 he was sentenced to five years imprisonment for helping to murder 28060 Jews was complex … .

Ukrainian born Demjanjuk was one of the last Nazi criminals who were on trial for their actions. He had been unmolested for decades as an auto mechanic in the USA before being extradited to Germany. There he died in 2012 as a 91-year-old in a retirement home near Rosenheim.

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