Trump’s climate obstruction, inspired by Big Oil

This video from the USA says about itself:

Did Trump Take His Position on Paris Climate Agreement from Fossil Fuel Industry?

4 June 2017

Guest Host Sam Sacks (Writer & Co-Founder – The District Sentinel) talks with guest Farron Cousins (Co-Host – Ring of Fire Radio, Contributor – DeSmog Blog, Executive Editor – Trial Lawyer Magazine) about Trump taking his recent speech on pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement from big money special interests.

The Execs Bashing Trump’s Paris Withdrawal Are Also Funding Climate-Change Deniers. Apparently corporate courage only goes so far: here.

Trump, the ruling class and the Paris Accords. By Fred Goldstein, June 7, 2017: here.

Trump to mayor of sinking Chesapeake Bay island: Don’t worry about climate change.

Will the Trump administration censor climate scientists? Here.

The Trump administration has disbanded a federal climate change advisory committee.

INTERIOR SECRETARY SUBMITS RECOMMENDATIONS ON COUNTRY’S NATIONAL MONUMENTS Ryan Zinke reportedly wants to change several national monuments, but none are being eliminated. The New York Times reported that Bears Ears National Monument, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and two others could be “reopened for new mining or drilling.” [HuffPost]

The Trump administration Tuesday moved forward with its agenda of environmental deregulation by formally scrapping the Clean Power Plan, a prominent Obama-era rule controlling carbon pollution from power plants. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma attorney general led the legal challenge to the rule, signed the revocation while delaying a decision on whether to replace it with narrower set of standards: here.

‘No shame’: how the Trump administration granted big oil’s wishlist: here.

TRUMP TO CONVENE CLIMATE DENIERS PANEL The Trump administration is reportedly planning to convene a group of scientists to question the validity of climate change and challenge a sweeping federal report on the subject that was released last year. [HuffPost]

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