20 thoughts on “Coronavirus and global health care

  1. Dear ,

    How we wish we had better news for you.

    The greatest fear about Trump has always been that this incompetent, lying doofus would face a real international crisis . . . and bungle it. Not that he has not bungled enough already, including his ineffectual handling of North Korea, ripping up a working nuclear stand down in Iran, and leaving the Kurds in the mortal lurch.

    But the coronavirus is as serious an international catastrophe as catastrophes get.

    Trump always sounds like he is trying to BS his way through a school book report about a book he hasn’t even read. But never more so than when he gave a press conference yesterday and tried to tell the American people that the crisis was already over, that the few sick people here were already recovering, and that a vaccine would be making its debut almost immediately. Only to have a person with actual knowledge, Dr. Anthony Fauci, get up right after him and say that none of that was true.

    And Trump’s response? . . . To gag Fauci and forbid him, or anyone else, from making any unauthorized (by his new American Politburo) public statements. Just calling the truth “fake news” will not be sufficient for this one. For this one the truth will not even be allowed to have access to the media, at least in the US, if Trump can help it. By the way, this is exactly what exacerbated the initial spread of the infamous 1918 influenza pandemic, suppression of media reports of mass illnesses among the troops, so that no protections were taken and people were needlessly and negligently exposed.

    In the meantime, we have Rush Limbaugh telling his vast mushroom audience, forever nourished on a strict diet of total BS, that coronavirus was no more serious than a common cold, and that all this was just a conspiracy of Trump haters trying to give him bad publicity.

    Now, here’s the truth.

    The pandemic is here. It is here now. It is happening now. It is spreading so exponentially fast that the numbers of infections worldwide are increasing by an order of magnitude on a daily basis. It may well be the most infectious disease in history. Health workers attending the sick have been themselves infected at alarming rates. And the ignorance and denigration of science typified by both Limbaugh and Trump are doing nothing but accelerating it.

    Trump is the guy who has been driving real scientists out of government service, specific to this crisis by decimating the very departments that should be most mobilized now to deal with a pandemic threat. The people who were face to face with the first Americans quarantined were not even wearing appropriate protective gear. It’s nothing short of criminal, nothing new for Trump himself of course.

    The current best estimates are a 2% mortality rate from infections, and that is presuming the best medical care. That means a death toll worldwide of at least 100 million people, 7 million in America alone, if we are lucky.

    And instead of people who know what they are talking about and will tell us the truth, who has Trump put in charge of the government response? None other than his most faithful swallower and designated spreader of BS, VP Mike Pence. And many believe it is just to try to set him up as the scapegoat. Apparently Pence knew nothing about his new appointment until virtually the moment it happened.

    What’s Pence going to do? Preach the good news of “no pandemic” even as Limbaugh listeners are dropping like flies?

    If you ever thought Trump would be the death of us all, it is happening even as we speak.

    Our best advice is that you order a N99 face mask while you can still find one. N95 is more common, but not as effective. And who knows how long you will still be able to find one of those. And make sure you have at least had a flu shot. May not help much but its the best we’ve got.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


  2. On Thursday, Trump announced that he has appointed Vice-President Mike Pence to co-ordinate the US government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. US President Trump claimed: ‘We’re very, very ready for this,’ adding that Pence has ‘got a certain talent for this’.

    In fact, both before and as the coronavirus threat was developing, Trump was CUTTING funds for the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) by 9%. This month, he proposed slashing it by a further 16%! Trump has already got rid of the US Complex Crises Fund which deals with pandemics. Trump’s ‘readiness’ claim could not be further from the truth.



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