Smoking causes psychological damage to children

This video is called Quit Smoking.

From Leiden university in the Netherlands:

‘Children who, during pregnancy, have been exposed to nicotine, have severe trouble in adapting their behaviour to circumstances if emotions are at work’, says Hanna Swaab in her inaugural lecture as professor, of today, 4 March.

ULTRASOUNDS SHOW TERRIBLE EFFECTS OF SMOKING ON BABIES “Some alarming new images might make expectant mothers think twice about continuing a smoking habit during pregnancy. Using high-definition ultrasound scans, scientists have shown that maternal smoking can alter the mouth and hand movements of the fetus, a finding that suggests some impairment of the fetus’ central nervous system development.” [HuffPost]

FDA: JUUL VIOLATED FEDERAL RULES E-cigarette maker Juul is facing a fine or even seizure of its products after federal health officials said the company’s advertising violated federal regulations. The company unlawfully branded its products as a safer alternative to cigarettes without gaining Food and Drug Administration approval. It also targeted children. [HuffPost]

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