More Afghan civilians being killed

This 2012 video says about itself:

US soldier kills Afghan civilians in shooting rampage

A number of Afghan families are in mourning after a US soldier killed at least 16 civilians in a night-time shooting spree. Women, children and elderly men are among the dead. The man left his base in Kandahar province and entered people’s homes in the early hours, apparently shooting people at random. …

Anti-American feeling is already high after US soldiers burned a copy of the Koran last month, triggering widespread protests.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan is rising to a record high

The war in Afghanistan has caused the highest number of civilian deaths since 2009, the year the United Nations started tracking the number of victims systematically. The UN mission in Afghanistan counted a total of 10,993 civilian casualties in 2018: 3804 dead and 7,189 injured.

The increase of 11 percent compared to 2017 was mainly caused by the increased number of suicidal attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) and the increase in the number of air raids by the USA and its allies. …

The UN envoy for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, calls the increase in civilian casualties “very disturbing and totally unacceptable”. “It’s time to end this tragedy”, Yamamoto said. “The best way is to stop fighting.”

Civilian casualties have reached a record high in the 18-year-old US war in Afghanistan as the Trump administration has broken off talks with the Islamist insurgents of the Taliban and ordered a sharp escalation in US airstrikes and night raids by CIA-backed death squads: here.

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