Afghans demonstrate against alleged burning of Koran by US soldiers

This video from the USA is called Raghida Dergham on Koran Abuse at Guantanamo.

From Afghan News Network:

US military to investigate claims Koran burnt in Afghanistan

14. October 2007, 07:36

AFP – The US military said it would investigate claims that its soldiers had burnt a copy of the Koran in Afghanistan, as angry locals demanded action and threatened retaliation.

Allegations that troops tore up and burnt the Muslim holy book during a raid in the eastern province of Kunar on Saturday led several hundred villagers to demonstrate the same day, blocking a main road for hours.

Locals repeated the charges at a heated meeting Sunday in the provincial capital Asadabad of representatives of the US military, Afghan officials and more than a dozen men from the area near the raid site in Narang district.

“You have desecrated our religion,” resident Azim Khan told the US delegation.

“If the perpetrators do not apologise to Afghans and to all the Muslims of the world, and if they are not brought to justice and punished for what they have done, we will stand against you, you will see an uprising,” he said.

Update: here.

US soldier in Iraq disciplined for using Koran as target practice: here.

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