Somali, Afghan refugees stranded at Turkish-Greek border

This 29 February 2020 video says about itself:

Somali, Afghan migrants left stranded on Greek-Turkish border

Greece beefed up security measures as it tried
to stop a new wave of migrants from entering the European Union.

“We came from land, we had a dead end, we tried different types and different ways but, unfortunately, for four days in the forest and tonight we decided and all our friends to come on the road. We tried to call UN or other organizations but unfortunately, our mobiles have no charge”, an unnamed Afghan migrant said.

Earlier, Turkey had said it would no longer hold these migrants back.

According to Greek officials, almost 1,200 people gathered on the Turkish side of the border late Friday and have tried to push through locked gates.

Some managed to cut holes in the border fence close to the crossing … But they were repulsed with tear gas and stun grenades.

A police officer told the Associated Press that there was mounting pressure along the 200-kilometre land border from migrants trying to force their way through and groups were constantly being repulsed.

THE TRAPPING of refugees in the Aegean islands and on the Greek-Turkish border exposes the “barbarism” of the “imperialist” EU and Nato, Greek trade unionists said today. The All-Workers Militant Front (Pame), which represents 415,000 workers in Greece, said that the two organisations were responsible for destroying countries, uprooting their people and then trapping them in prisons. Earlier this week a Syrian man was shot dead and refugees were tear-gassed and beaten on the Greece-Turkey border after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he would flood Europe with refugees: here.

An appellate panel of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruled Thursday that an investigation leading to the potential prosecution of US officials for war crimes during Washington’s nearly two-decade-old war in Afghanistan can move forward: here.

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