Dutch government deports refugees to death in Afghanistan

This 22 August 2019 video says about itself:

Greece: Afghan refugees protest deportation, decry Trump’s Afghan strategy

Scores of refugees from Afghanistan rallied outside the Migration Ministry and EU offices in Athens, Tuesday, to protest against migrant deportations. They decried the European Union’s migration policies, with many of the protesters chanting “EU shame on you” and “No borders, no nations, no deportations.”

One of the refugees currently living in the city’s Elaionas camp spoke out as the group submitted to the ministry’s office a list of asylum demands for the refugees. “Afghanistan is not safe. There is no security in Afghanistan. We will continue saying this until our demands are heard. We will not give up this fight,” she said.

Translated from Dutch Nieuwsuur TV, 23 March 2019:

Afghan migration minister asks the Netherlands to stop deportations: ‘Country not safe’

The Afghan Minister of Migration, Alami Balkhi, is asking the Netherlands to stop deporting asylum seekers who have exhausted all legal remedies to Afghanistan. He says this to Nieuwsuur.

“I ask the Netherlands to look at the asylum applications in such a way that Afghans can get asylum. If that fails, I ask them to wait until they return voluntarily or to grant them a temporary residence permit.”

According to the minister, the country is not safe enough for return. “The public domain is unsafe. For example, someone was deported from Sweden who died in a bomb attack. This can happen to anyone else being deported.”

In a response, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security says that Afghans who are being sent back can do so safely.

Yeah, right. Maybe ‘safely’ as long as the airplane has not landed at Kabul airport yet (provided the plane is not a Boeing 737 Max).

“Afghanistan is a graveyard for people like me”

One of the Afghans who was forced to leave the Netherlands lives in the Afghan capital Kabul. Zamir Zarifi was deported to Kabul with his family. “Suicide attacks, shelling, any danger that you can imagine can be found here in Kabul”, he says.

The UN recently stated that the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan has risen to record highs. …

“Do not expel them forcibly. If they are forcibly deported, then they could be recruited by terrorist groups or become unwanted citizens here. Or they will again apply for asylum in the EU. And that only helps smugglers“, [Minister] Balkhi said.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are also critical of the deportations. “The deportation of Afghan refugees to Afghanistan cannot be defended”, Amnesty writes. …

Minister Balkhi believes that his Western colleagues apply a double standard. They declare Kabul is safe in order to deport asylum seekers, but do not leave their own embassies themselves without taking serious security measures.

“When they arrive at the airport in Kabul, they immediately start wearing bulletproof vests and sitting in armoured vehicles. Kabul looks more like a militarized city than an ordinary capital where people live in peace.”

PRO-GOV FORCES KILL MOST AFGHAN CIVILIANS Afghan and international [NATO] forces were responsible for more civilian deaths in the first three months of 2019 than the Taliban and other militants, a new U.N. report said. [AP]

UN: MORE CIVILIANS KILLED BY AFGHAN, NATO FORCES More Afghan civilians were killed by Afghan and NATO forces than by the Taliban and other militants in the first half of 2019, the U.N. mission said in a report. [AP]

11 thoughts on “Dutch government deports refugees to death in Afghanistan

  1. Staatssecretaris en rechter sluiten ogen voor opstand en martelingen in Soedan en willen vluchtelingen blijven deporteren

    In februari en ook gisteren nog liet staatssecretaris Mark Harbers van Justitie en Veiligheid weten dat hij doorgaat met het deporteren van vluchtelingen naar Soedan, ondanks de opstand daar die al drie maanden woedt en die door het regime van dictator Omar al-Bashir wordt beantwoord met nog meer arrestaties, intimidaties, martelingen en ander geweld. Het Internationaal Strafhof in Den Haag wil dat regime vervolgen en berechten wegens oorlogsmisdaden en genocide. Harbers blijft uitzetten, ongeacht rapporten van Amnesty International over detentie, martelingen en andere repressie die eerder ten deel viel aan door onder andere Nederland uitgezette vluchtelingen. En ongeacht het feit dat het landenbericht over Soedan, het “ambtsbericht” waar beslissingen over verblijfsrecht en uitzetting op worden gebaseerd, al bijna twee jaar oud is. Deze week bleek dat ook de rechter zich achter verouderde informatie verschuilt. Lees meer:


    Amnesty laat kans liggen om zich uit te spreken tegen alle deportaties van Soedanese vluchtelingen

    Uit het onderzoeksrapport “Risico’s bij gedwongen terugkeer naar Sudan” blijkt dat Amnesty International zich “ernstige zorgen” maakt over het Nederlandse uitzetbeleid naar Soedan. De organisatie beschrijft hoe slecht het is gesteld met de mensenrechtensituatie in Soedan en gaat nader in op de verschrikkelijke ervaringen van gedeporteerde vluchtelingen met de repressie van het dictatoriale regime van Omar al-Bashir. De feiten die in het rapport worden gepresenteerd, maken duidelijk dat alle deportaties van vluchtelingen naar Soedan met onmiddellijke ingang zouden moeten worden stopgezet. Helaas laat Amnesty na om deze principiële eis te stellen. Lees meer:



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