Trump’s Vice President Pence snubs NASA

Mike Pence and NASA rules, Reuters photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Mike Pence violates NASA rules

Today, 11:14

US Vice President Mike Pence has apologized to the NASA spacecraft organization. During a guided tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, he touched a spacecraft part, on which a big letters sign said “Do not touch”.

Pence says on Twitter that he had to touch the item. In his opinion, he was challenged by former candidate for the US presidential election and Republican senator Marco Rubio.

NASA has accepted Trump‘s vice president’s apology. What would have happened to a non-elite visitor, a cleaner or doorman who would have broken NASA rules this way? Being sacked, fined or jailed? Maybe Pence is ‘too big to jail‘?

PENCE DETAILS TRUMP’S ‘SPACE FORCE’ Mike Pence has outlined the administration’s goal of creating a sixth branch of the U.S. military by 2020, known as the “Space Force.” The vice president said the White House will work to build bipartisan support for the plan in Congress. [HuffPost]

‘GRAVE MISTAKE’ The Trump administration has quietly eliminated funding for NASA’s research program that tracks greenhouse gases around the world. [HuffPost]

16 thoughts on “Trump’s Vice President Pence snubs NASA

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  4. When I heard Vice President Mike Pence announce the so-called “Space Force”, my first question was, “Why can’t we invest in people in this country, here on planet Earth with the same urgency?”

    Not long after Pence’s announcement, President Trump’s campaign reached out to his supporters to choose the new logo. A new logo? Why not reach out to the American people to ask them what keeps them up at night and what policies could be implemented to assist the greatest number of people to obtain a higher standard of living? Instead, this administration continues to play games with our collective futures. So, I’m asking: what issues matter most to you? What would you like to see our country invest billions of dollars in?






    We can provide a better standard of living for all Americans and secure the future of our country. The focus must be on both—foreign and domestic. And for far too long the equation has been lopsided in ways that disadvantage our families and communities.

    Since our tax dollars, our energy, and our spirit fuels America’s progress, we have a say in how investments are made. We must speak up together letting our collective voices be heard declaring the type of future we want to create for ourselves and generations unborn.

    Here’s the first step: Tell us the policy you want to see our country invest in:

    It is possible to secure our country and invest in our communities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on how together, we can make this country work for everyday people like you and me.

    In solidarity,

    Nina Turner
    Our Revolution


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