Worldwide protests against Trump’s anti-climate decision

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2 June 2017

Demonstrations took place in several places around the world after US President Donald Trump announced the country would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

23 thoughts on “Worldwide protests against Trump’s anti-climate decision

  1. This week, our country became the laughingstock of the world when Donald Trump announced his shameful and foolhardy decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord. This administration’s commitment to bankrolling fossil fuel industry donors like the Koch brothers is unique in the world. By allowing billionaires and corporations to buy elections, they have carte blanche to force our government to deny the empirical evidence of climate change.

    These climate deniers try to spin their greed using excuses like “I am not a scientist,” “the earth is made as God intended,” and other empty platitudes to deflect any accountability to their own decisions. I am furious. We have to defeat the know-nothing, morally bankrupt ideology of the fossil fuel industry and the phony public servants they are propping up, but we can’t do it without your help. Can you stand with us by making a $5 donation to fight back against this corrupt oligarchy with a real plan of action to achieve our renewable energy future?

    We want to defeat the entire corrupt edifice of profitability in pollution. From the oil, coal, and natural gas industries, to the revenue streams they funnel to major media networks through advertising, to the lobbyist firms and Super PACs, to politicians from the state house to the White House, to the pundits who are more eager to look for a political fight than a solution to a clear and present danger, our environment and our people are being crushed in the final death grip of a dying industry. We have to break free.

    Oil, natural gas, and coal are finite. They will run out before the end of this century. By pulling out of the Paris Agreement, Trump has already surrendered America’s position as the leader of the free world. If we continue on the course that he’s charted for the country, the free world will leave us behind. We’ll be left, scratching the dirt where the oil wells and coal mines used to be, wondering where it all went wrong.

    We should be thinking of opportunity, not Trump’s negative and self-defeating outlook on American energy production. Can you chip in $5 to help us defeat the fossil fuel industry with a clean energy alternative to make us 100% renewable by 2050?

    We don’t know exactly how many people will lose their homes to floods, or get sick from air pollution and unclean water. But we do know inaction on climate change will mean more droughts, floods, famines, hurricanes, rising seas, armed conflicts, and extreme weather conditions.

    Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress don’t care about any of that. They have nothing more than a hollow, bankrupt ideology fueled by big money interests. We can defeat them. Trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, and a cleaner environment await. It just takes action.

    If we don’t challenge Trump right now, he will continue unabated while he dismantles all of the progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Please make a $5 donation today so we can expand our movement to combat climate change.

    We’re giving this fight everything we’ve got. Thank you for being there with us.

    In solidarity,

    Shailene Woodley
    Our Revolution Board Member


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