No Trump/Russia collusion evidence, Woodward says

This 13 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Woodward: No Evidence Of Trump Russia Collusion

Bob Woodward, in an interview regarding his latest book, Fear, admits to not finding any evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Here is his perspective.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence of Trump’s homophobia and transphobia; of his shredding of the nuclear missile treaty; of  his shredding of the Iran deal; of his shredding of the Paris climate agreement; of Trump’s biggest military budget of all time; of his tax cuts for billionaires including himself; of his attack on ‘Dreamer’ young immigrants; of his threats to shoot women and children; of his re-starting of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline; etc.

Evidence which the newly elected Democrat majority in the United States House of Representatives might use to wage opposition to Trump from the left; if they would want to do so.

Trump cancels G20 meeting with Putin amid rising tensions. By Andre Damon, 30 November 2018. As world leaders head to the G20 Summit, the United States is poised to intensify its conflicts with Russia, China and Europe. Commenting on the fast-approaching event, the German weekly Der Spiegel called American President Donald Trump the “terror” of the assembled world leaders. No one, perhaps least of all Trump, knows the outcome of the summit in advance, or which part of the world will be the main target of US threats: here.

Rather than being a symptom of Russia or some other foreign country, Trump is a symptom of the domestic situation in the USA.

This 13 November 2018 video from te USA says about itself:

Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline In Blow To Trump

A judge has blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is great news for the environment but will it stand?

In the wake of the one-two punch of articles in the New York Times and Washington Post suggesting that President Trump is an agent of the Russian government—or to be precise, that the FBI suspected that he was a Russian agent and opened a counterintelligence investigation (as the Times reports), and that Trump is concealing his private dealings with Putin as president (as the Post claims)—the American media has gone into a McCarthyite hysteria: here.

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