Demonstration against Trump, NATO militarism, Brussels, 24 May

Demonstration against Trump, NATO militarism, Brussels, Belgium, 24 May 2017

From the Trump not Welcome site in Belgium:

Protest March

Trump not Welcome

24 May 5 PM – Brussels North Station

At the end of May, Donald Trump, president of the United States, comes to Belgium to attend the NATO summit. These past months, Trump caused outrage all over the world: dividing and excluding people, denying climate change, intimidating the media, phasing out solidarity, …

We stand united in saying ‘No!’ to Trump, his policy and his European counterparts. Join us at the protest march Wednesday 24 May at 5 PM in Brussels:

For social rights

We stand up for the interests of the 99% and against the worldwide policies of cutbacks, the degradation of social rights and the weakening of the position of the working class.

Against sexism, racism & discrimination

Rights acquired a long time ago are threatened. We oppose any form of discrimination and stand up for a humane policy for refugees.

For peace

For peace and against all military interventions that violate international laws. Against all military investments at the expense of education, health care, climate and international solidarity.

For a liveable world

We demand an ambitious and socially just climate policy for a sustainable future.

Let your voice be heard and show them that we’re united for a democratic, peaceful, sustainable and socially just future. United we stand!


5 PM gathering at Brussels Nord & speeches with Standing Rock activists

6 PM Protest march

8 PM Concert with Jaune Toujours and Orchestre International du Vetex


Meeting point Railway Station Brussels North at 5 PM

Brussels demonstration route

What to bring

Together with the Women’s March, the pink pussy hat became the symbol of resistance against Trump. We would like to see pussy hats in all shapes and colours to show our resistance against Trump. On you’ll find a lot of inspiration!

24 thoughts on “Demonstration against Trump, NATO militarism, Brussels, 24 May

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  4. United we can stop the planned nuclear bomb!

    Please join the German campaign to send the existing US nuclear weapons back home, and to organize against the new B61-12 nuclear bomb, scheduled to be built in the US by 2020 and deployed in five European countries – Italy, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, and Germany.

    We invite anti-nuclear, environmental and peace activists from Europe and the U.S. to our camp at the main gate of the military base in Büchel. The international week of actions is part of our 20 weeks of action from March 26th to August 9th (Nagasaki memorial day). Twenty weeks represent the 20 B61 H-bombs at Büchel. Our peace camp includes networking, vigils, and nonviolent civil resistance.

    This international week is the first one uniting with anti-nuclear resistance in the US, the country where construction of the bomb is taking place: 8-to-10 people from the US are planning to participate and 300 have signed our Declaration of Solidarity.

    More at


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