Climate change and capitalist corporations

This 23 January 2020 video says about itself:

Corporate Control and the Climate Meltdown

Folks, please share our videos! This is not a spectator sport. We need you to get active (and clever) in sharing the truth about climate change. The denialist side has huge funding. We just have the truth and intention of our viewers to work with. Use the embed code or share the link (to video or channel).

Dr. Luiz Marques, Professor of Environmental History at the State University of Campinas in São Paolo, Brazil shares an in-depth exploration and explanation of how our current ‘neoclassical’ economic system is responsible for the climate crisis and ecological deterioration, leading to a probable collapse of local ecosystems, and the general inability to grow food for human consumption.

Dr. Marques, who is a proponent of Ecological Economics discusses capitalism as the precursor and root cause of the current environmental collapse tightening its grip on the Earth’s biosphere. He argues that an economy based on continual exponential economic growth, which is entirely the program of our current ‘neoclassical economics’ taught universally in business schools around the world, where nature and the environment are considered mere externalities, is unsustainable. A philosophy professor specializing in logic, Dr. Marques provides the logical connections between current economic systems and ecological devastation.

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Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of marine heat waves — warm water anomalies that disrupt marine ecosystems — and this is creating new challenges for fisheries management and ocean conservation. A new study shows how the record-breaking marine heat wave of 2014 to 2016 caused changes along the U.S. West Coast that led to an unprecedented spike in the numbers of whales that became entangled in fishing gear: here.

This 27 January 2020 video says about itself:

Again this year Greta Thunberg was invited to address the prestigious World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the annual event where the world’s wealthy and powerful assemble to discuss society’s problems (and cut deals to make more money). Again she spoke in clear, simple terms of the disastrous climate emergency and the continuing failure of the world’s leaders, corporations, bankers, and the wealthy to take meaningful action to save their children. …

Trump also spoke (at a different session) and spouted the usual corrupt, self-serving lies and platitudes, not worth repeating or giving any more attention. He is an embarrassment to all Americans.

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