Trump administration, climate denialism and the Arctic

This video from the USA says about itself:

Tillerson Agrees Climate Change Is Hurting The Arctic, Contradicting Trump Admin Policies

13 May 2017

The Secretary of State stopped short of linking climate change to human activity, when he signed the Fairbanks Document this week in Alaska. But Janet Redmond of Oil Change International says the Trump administration is still denying the urgency of the warming planet.

TRUMP LEADING ‘BRAZEN’ PUBLIC LAND LIQUIDATION Trump administration initiatives would allow approximately 28.3 million acres of federal land across Alaska to be transferred, sold or opened up to extractive development, according to a new Center for American Progress analysis of the federal government’s land management actions in the state. [HuffPost]

18 thoughts on “Trump administration, climate denialism and the Arctic

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  17. LCV


    Big Polluters could soon destroy the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We’re launching a new campaign to demand that the banks that support these oil and gas companies stop funding the destruction of the Arctic.


    NO TIME TO WASTE: The Trump administration is RUSHING to open up the Arctic Refuge to Big Polluters. Sign the petition and tell banks that finance oil and gas companies to STOP investing in destructive fossil fuel production in the Arctic »

    Lola — LCV’s policy team just got word that the Trump administration could allow Big Polluters to buy drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by the end of February.

    The clock is ticking to protect the Arctic Refuge from irreparable damage. But there’s still a way to to stop oil and gas companies from destroying the Arctic — by taking away their investors. LCV is joining our partners in a campaign to urge the banks that support fossil fuel companies to STOP funding drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

    This fight is so important to all of us at LCV — and to passionate supporters of social and environmental justice like you — because protecting the Arctic Refuge and Gwich’in people’s way of life is a matter of basic human rights. The Gwich’in people call the Refuge the “Sacred Place Where Life Begins” because their culture, traditions, and community are so deeply tied to the Coastal Plain within the Refuge — we cannot allow oil companies to tear this land into pieces.

    We know this campaign can work: Just a few weeks ago Goldman Sachs — one of the nation’s top banks — committed to stop funding any projects to drill in the Arctic Refuge. Their announcement came on the heels of similar commitments by Barclays and the Royal Bank of Scotland. This is a huge blow to Arctic drilling, but we need more. We need to capitalize on this momentum and urge JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley to follow these examples. Can you add your name now?

    Tell JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley to STOP funding companies that want to drill in the Arctic Refuge »

    When financial institutions invest money in companies, they’re actually investing the money WE have in our savings and checkings accounts. That means that we — as bank users — have enormous power over how they spend and invest OUR money.

    You and I know that drilling in the Arctic Refuge would cause immense damage to this national treasure — damage we could never reverse. A critical ecosystem that supports the Porcupine caribou herd, wolves, imperiled polar bears, and nearly 200 species of migratory birds could be gone forever. Without this ecosystem and the species they depend on, the Gwich’in people’s way of life would be irreversibly damaged.

    If financial institutions fund the fossil fuel companies that want to drill in the Arctic Refuge, they would be using our money to blatantly disregard Indigenous rights and destroy our environment.

    Research is already showing that the Refuge actually contains much LESS oil than the Trump administration predicted it would. So let’s be clear: Funding drilling in the Arctic Refuge is a risky financial decision that would irreparably destroy sacred land. The Trump administration may be willing to move forward even knowing that the returns will be much smaller than they expected, but we need to show investors how toxic this gamble is.

    That’s why it’s so important that LCV supporters like you speak out now and show your banks that you’re paying attention and you will not stand by as they invest in projects that will destroy one of our most iconic wildlife refuges. We can’t do this without you, Lola — I hope you’ll act today.

    Act now and protect the Arctic Refuge for generations to come! Sign the petition for the Arctic and all the life that depends on it before it’s too late »

    Now more than ever, we need you to join us in the fight for the Arctic Refuge.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Associate Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters


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