48 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s billionaires’ cabinet

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  3. It’s hard to imagine a more ridiculous choice for the Cabinet, but that’s where we’re at: Donald Trump is nominating anti-minimum wage fast food CEO Andy Puzder to serve as Secretary of Labor.

    Puzder is the nominee to run the Department of Labor even though the chain he runs has a record of wage theft violations. Even though he has spoken passionately about his desire to replace people with robots. And even though he’s an outspoken opponent of the minimum wage.

    Here’s the good news: Senator Patty Murray of Washington is a top member of the committee which will hold Puzder’s confirmation hearings. And she’ll get to ask him questions — face to face, while he’s under oath and before the public.
    Tell Patty Murray to ask tough questions at Puzder’s confirmation hearing.

    Senator Murray, Ask him about wage theft at the chains he runs.

    Senator Murray, Ask him why he wants to replace his workers with robots.

    Senator Murray, Ask him why he opposes the minimum wage.

    Senator Murray, I don’t care what you ask, just stop him!

    If you were in the Senate, what would you ask? Tell us your best ideas for how you would approach the hearing, and we’ll compile the results and make sure Senator Murray hears what you want her to do.

    Puzder may be the nominee. But he’s not in office yet.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Working Washington

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  6. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt doesn’t just like Big Oil, he is Big Oil.

    He has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fossil fuel industry and partnered with them to block critical EPA safeguards. And now he could be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    There is very little time to act.

    We have a real shot at blocking Scott Pruitt from becoming EPA administrator, but it’s a tough fight and a very narrow path. If concerned citizens like you, your family, and your friends speak out and tell senators that Pruitt is completely unacceptable, we can create a groundswell so massive that we can stop this nomination — or make Trump drop him as the nominee. This fight is going to be public, and we need everyone to join in.

    Scott Pruitt is unacceptable to lead the EPA. Don’t sit this fight out — tell your senators to block this nomination and protect our air, water, and people »

    Scott Pruitt has years of experience putting fossil fuels first. He has recklessly prioritized corporations and their profits over our health and environment. He has bragged about suing the EPA and literally copied and pasted memos from the fossil fuel industry to act on their behalf.

    If confirmed, Pruitt could block the Clean Water Rule, rolling back drinking water protections for one in three Americans. He could stop the Clean Power Plan in its tracks, reversing the biggest step forward our country has ever taken in the fight against climate change. He could put at risk the lives of the hundreds of millions of people who rely on the EPA to protect their air and their water.

    The fight ahead is going to be massive — but we are not alone. The vast majority of Americans support moving to a clean energy economy and support action on climate change because we know that climate change is an urgent threat to our health, economy, and security. And just moments after news broke that Pruitt would be nominated, leaders in Congress like climate champions Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, Jeff Merkley, Brian Schatz, and Sheldon Whitehouse — as well as incoming senators like Kamala Harris and Catherine Cortez Masto — publicly and vigorously expressed their opposition to Pruitt’s nomination.

    They know — and we know — that someone who denies scientific fact can’t protect Americans from climate change has no place leading the EPA. Together, we can band with our allies in the Senate to convince others to vote NO against Scott Pruitt and keep him out of the EPA for good.

    Act now: tell the Senate to reject Donald Trump’s irresponsible choice »

    The American people deserve better than Scott Pruitt. Let’s work our hardest to make sure we don’t let that happen.

    Thank you for speaking out.

    Kristin Brown
    Director of Digital Strategy
    League of Conservation Voters

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