Donald Trump attacks climate science

This 1 June 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

BREAKING: Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Accord

TYT Politics Producer and Commentator Emma Vigeland and TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton discuss the disgraceful news that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.

What does this mean for the future of climate change?

From Senator Patty Murray in the USA today:

President Trump faced two choices:

Either uphold the Paris climate deal to combat maybe the most significant challenge of our time, or turn his back and walk away — and President Trump chose the latter. Our children, and our children’s children, will remember the moment when the president of the United States of America chose the short-sighted political payoff despite scientific fact, overwhelming global support, long-term financial stability, and the will of millions of families he promised to represent.

To say I’m disappointed with his decision is an understatement — and that’s why I need your help. We have to make our voices heard and we have to show the president and his Administration how many people and families will be affected by this: Add your name to call on President Trump to stay in the Paris climate deal.

President Trump can’t run from the facts: Our world is changing, and we don’t have much time to reverse our course away from catastrophe.

The president’s choice is especially cruel as Washington state is already grappling with the harsh effects of climate change — from ocean acidification, disappearing glaciers on Mt. Rainier, to more intense droughts and crop damage, and bigger, more devastating wildfires. And that will only get worse if we continue to do nothing.

By leaving the Paris climate deal, President Trump and his Administration are punting the problem of climate change to our children, and our children’s children, who will be left with problems they can no longer reverse. The time to address this is now — because we only have one Earth, and there is no do-over.

J‌oin m‌e in calling on President Trump to honor our promises to our global allies, to people and families, and to our children: Add your name to urge President Trump to stay in the Paris climate deal, and tackle climate change before it’s too late.


Patty Murray
U.S. Senator

From Our Revolution in the USA today:

Donald Trump is turning his back on the Paris Climate Agreement that the United States made with nearly 200 other nations last fall. This decision is bad for our economy, our jobs, and our planet. Combatting climate change should be straightforward. The majority of Americans and nearly all scientists agree we need to act now. If our democracy worked the way it’s supposed to our lawmakers would follow the will of the people.

We have the technology, the workforce, and the need to transition our energy grid off of fossil fuels to 100% sustainability as soon as possible. Our allies in Congress are working to that end—Jeff Merkley, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey have introduced the “100 by ’50” Act in the Senate to bring us to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and revolutionize our energy system with clean, renewable energy. Will you sign our petition in support of S. 987, the “100 by ’50” Act?

Let’s face it: if America isn’t going to lead the way on the global stage, another country will. With ever-widening income and wealth inequality and a deteriorating environment, we cannot afford to turn our backs on cutting edge technology that will save homes, save lives, and save our planet.

We’re working against the clock. Your help fighting this reckless, vindictive decision by Donald Trump is needed now more than ever. Stand with us and support 100% clean energy by 2050. Together we can build the clean energy future that we need for this generation and those to come.

I will be there with you fighting this greed every day.

In solidarity,

Jane Kleeb
Our Revolution Board Member
Rural and Environmental Advocate

Vatican Sees U.S. Climate Accord Withdrawal As ‘Huge Slap In The Face’. U.S. Catholic leaders also condemned the president’s decision: here.

THE AFTERMATH OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S DECISION TO PULL OUT OF THE PARIS AGREEMENT The president made good on one of his top campaign promises, making the U.S. only the third country to be outside the global agreement to combat climate change. Here’s what former president Barack Obama had to say about Trump dismantling U.S. involvement in the pact, and what the move means for the global standing of the U.S. It appears China will be tapped to lead the climate fight. Sixty-one mayors across the country have pledged to meet the commitments under the international accord, including the mayor of Pittsburgh, which was invoked in Trump’s announcement Thursday. Tesla founder Elon Musk and Disney CEO Robert Iger announced they were withdrawing from advising Trump in light of his decision. And city halls and bridges lit up green following the announcement. [HuffPost]

SCIENTIST SPEAKS OUT “I am a scientist, a policy expert, a civil servant and a worried citizen,” writes a former top climate policy official at the Department of Interior in an op-ed in The Washington Post. “Reluctantly, as of today, I am also a whistleblower on an administration that chooses silence over science.” [WaPo]

Trump administration silences government environmental scientists: here.

41 thoughts on “Donald Trump attacks climate science

  1. It’s now clearer than ever: President Trump’s action to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement shows he’s willing to sell out our economy, our environment, and our future to line the pockets of his cronies.

    I never imagined that an American President could make himself the greatest threat to our survival. But here we are. This goes well beyond simple ignorance. It is willful, knowing sabotage of the nation and the planet. It is arson for the benefit of polluters and special interests. And we pay the bill – with our health and our children’s future.

    But despite Trump, and despite Congressional Republicans’ allegiance to their fossil fuel patrons, progress will continue at the local level. I will keep working to make King County a leader in sustainability and in the fight to combat climate change. Are you with me? Sign the petition and make your voice heard.

    In metropolitan regions across America, innovation and smart policies are reducing carbon pollution and creating the way forward. Here, we are protecting farms and forests, converting to zero-emission battery buses, and using King County government energy purchasing power to create more clean energy capacity. We are not willing to give up on this nation or this planet, and we will continue to summon the courage and commitment to meet the most pressing challenge of our time.

    President Trump’s decision to rip up the Paris Agreement means nearly 200 countries are working to develop and deploy clean energy technology with the full backing of their governments, while the United States sits on the sidelines.

    Lola, I refuse to let the rest of the world race past us in creating the green jobs of tomorrow and in protecting our environment for future generations.

    Say you’re with me – to move King County forward and fight President Trump’s assaults on our economy, health, and planet — add your name to the petition.

    Thank you,

    Dow Constantine, USA


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  17. The EPA is about to lose access to critical scientific data — and our communities will be the ones that suffer. The deadline to stand up against this attack on science is tomorrow.

    Before Scott Pruitt resigned in disgrace, he began creating systems at the EPA to censor science. And at the request of Big Polluters, Pruitt proposed a rule that blocks the kind of science the EPA can use and seriously limits the agency’s ability to create and enforce protections against Big Polluters.

    Even with Pruitt out, acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is moving forward with this science censorship, and the deadline for public comment is TOMORROW. That means right now is the most important time to show Wheeler that we are paying attention and we will not stand for science censorship.

    Lola — your action is critical in the fight to save science at the EPA. The agency must hear from people all across the country — but we’re 4,000 signatures short. Can we count on Lola?

    Pruitt’s rule restricting science is an enormous step toward limiting science inside the EPA — the very science that proves pollutants are actually BAD for our health — and in some cases deadly. It’s eerily similar to the kind of stunt that Big Tobacco tried to pull for years — attempting to block scientific studies that found nicotine to be addictive and smoking to be cancer-causing. What’s more, by limiting access to data about pollution’s impact, communities most exposed to pollution, typically low-income and communities of color, will be hit the hardest.

    This type of blatant attack on our communities and science cannot stand. Here’s the good news: Wheeler is on high-alert. He just watched his boss get forced out of the EPA because hundreds of thousands of people across the country spoke out against Pruitt and his terrible policies. Now that Wheeler is seeking to become Pruitt’s permanent replacement, he knows that he can’t start his tenure with a major scandal. So if enough of us speak out now, we can save science at the EPA.

    DEADLINE TOMORROW: For the sake of our children’s health, please sign the petition against the EPA’s restricting science rule. There are only a few hours left to make an impact »

    Lola, some things are just too valuable to gamble with. Lifesaving science that impacts our children’s futures is one of those things. We can stop the EPA from blocking science, but only if we act now.

    Thank you for speaking up for science.

    Brooke Still
    Director of Digital Strategy
    League of Conservation Voters


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