British Theresa May, Trump’s climate destruction poodle

This 29 January 2017 parody music video from Britain is called Donald Trump & Theresa May [who met in the USA] – “I Want to Hold Your Hand“.

It is a parody of the Beatles song of that name.

The lyrics are:

DT: Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something – my mother’s from Scotland
TM: Oh really? How very lovely
DT: Mind if I hold your hand?
Both: I want to hold your hand

TM: Oh please say to me you’ve got a nice deal planned
DT: Yeah sure, just give us all the NHS stuff – and let me hold your hand
Both: I want to hold your hand

Both: And when I touch you I feel slightly annoyed
But it just looks so damn good on celluloid

TM: Oh please say to me you won’t withdraw from NATO
DT: Okay, but hold my hand first – it’s like a sweet potato
Both: It’s got the colour and texture of a sweet potato

Both: And when I touch you I think I might be sick
But one must do unpleasant things in politics

DT: Oh yeah, I just signed an order for Muslims to be banned
TM: The BBC might ask you about that – but me, I’ll hold your hand
Both: I want to hold your hand

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

May attacked as she fails to slam Trump

Saturday 3rd June 2017

PM refuses to add voice to outcry over ‘reckless’ climate snub

THERESA MAY faced strong criticism yesterday for failing to join European condemnation of US President Donald Trump for abandoning a key international deal on battling climate change.

The Paris Agreement commits countries to reducing carbon emissions that scientists have overwhelmingly blamed for the melting of the Arctic ice cap and extreme changes in weather patterns.

The United States is a signatory, but Mr Trump has reneged on the commitment given by his predecessor Barack Obama and demanded a “renegotiation.”

President Emmanuel Macron of France, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni immediately condemned the US pullout, but Ms May refused to add her voice to the international outcry.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate change deal is reckless and dangerous.

“The commitments made in Paris are vital to stop the world reaching the point of no return on climate change, and there can be no question of watering them down.

“The Paris deal should not be up for renegotiation. The other three European members of the G7, France, Germany and Italy, have written to Donald Trump to make this clear.

“So why does Theresa May not have her name on this joint statement?

“Given the chance to present a united front with our international partners, she has instead opted for silence and subservience to Donald Trump. It is a dereliction of her duty, both to our country and to our planet.

“That is not the type of leadership Britain needs to negotiate Brexit.”

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said: “A true global leader would be condemning the president’s actions and joining with other European countries to formulate an emergency plan to save the Paris Agreement.

“Once again, we’re seeing a weak Prime Minister failing to stand up tall on the world stage in the face of near criminal behaviour from one of our closest allies.”

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