Trump administration attacks Alaskan environment

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s EPA Wants To Ruin Alaska

13 May 2017

Scott Pruitt just revived a plan to build a controversial mine on some of the most pristine lands in North America. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Aida Rodriguez, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revived a controversial proposed Alaska mining project previously blocked by Obama administration regulators.

The EPA and a mining firm on Friday announced a settlement in their legal dispute over the proposed Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska, setting the stage for an eventual permitting decision that could allow the gold and copper project to move forward.

Mine developer Pebble Limited Partnership sued the EPA in 2014 over the agency’s decision to block the mine on environmental and tribal sovereignty grounds before the company had submitted its permit applications.”

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16 thoughts on “Trump administration attacks Alaskan environment

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  7. DEADLINE TODAY: The Trump administration is rolling back protections for pristine Bristol Bay »

    Tell Scott Pruitt:

    For the sake of our wildlife, waterways, and communities, I urge you to protect Bristol Bay and prevent this horrible open-pit mine from destroying one of our nation’s most precious ecosystems.


    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is again prioritizing the interests of Big Polluters over the environment, Lola.

    Pruitt is moving to cancel 2014 protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Rolling back these protections will pave the way for foreign-owned mining companies to develop a toxic open-pit mine near some of Alaska’s, and the world’s, most precious salmon headwaters.

    Open-pit mining in Bristol Bay would directly impact the world’s largest sockeye salmon run, jeopardizing 14,000 fishing jobs, cultural traditions of subsistence going back thousands of years, and a huge sport fishing and tourism economy. Rolling back protections for Bristol Bay prioritizes the profits of Big Polluters over local ecosystems, communities, and economies.

    In 2014, we gathered over 30,000 comments to protect Bristol Bay. Now, we’re building a stronger movement to keep Big Polluters out of this priceless environment — will you help us to gather 50,000 signatures telling Pruitt to uphold protections for Bristol Bay?

    Join the fight NOW and tell the EPA to keep Big Polluters OUT of Bristol Bay»

    If the protections are rolled back, foreign-owned mining companies would have a green light to open the largest mine in North America. Alaska’s largest fishery and the lifeblood of Bristol Bay’s culture and economy will be decimated if the mine moves forward. The development of a mine of this size would make this pristine region vulnerable to unprecedented noise, water, and air pollution.

    In 2014, a movement led by Alaska Native Tribes, commercial fishing business owners, sportsmen, and other community members asked the EPA to step in to ensure that this mine wouldn’t devastate Bristol Bay. The EPA received over 1.5 million public comments, hosted dozens of community meetings, reviewed Pebble’s many detailed filings with state and federal agencies, and conducted a twice peer-reviewed scientific assessment of the potential impacts to the region. They decided that allowing the Pebble Mine to move forward would be too dangerous to the wildlife, water, air, economy, and cultural heritage of Bristol Bay, and put proposed protections in place to stop the mine.

    Pruitt’s attempts to withdraw these proposed safeguards ignores the overwhelming majority of Alaskans and puts the short-term interests of a foreign-owned mining company above thousands of local jobs and a resource that has sustained generations of people.

    DEADLINE TODAY: Only the EPA has authority to protect Bristol Bay from the development of Pebble Mine, tell them this is not the future we want for Alaska »

    We’ve fought — and won — the fight for Bristol Bay before. Now more than ever, we need LCV supporters across the country to raise their voices and protect one of Alaska’s most treasured spaces.

    Thank you for speaking out to protect Bristol Bay!

    Brooke Still
    Senior Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters


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