18 thoughts on “Pro-climate students strike in Britain, worldwide

  1. Capitalism is a system that made a few milion people at least milionair, half a bilion people stayed as poor as they were and turned the rest of Mankind into the middel class. As a system it works well every where it gets a change to prove it self. Look to China and India. It is working but not for every one.


    • Far more than half a billion people worldwide stayed poor; and/or became even poorer.

      In the United States, the ‘middle class’ (often really: beter paid layers of the working class) is decreasing rapidly, afflicted by opioid addiction, suicide rate increasing, lifespan decreasing, etc.

      In India, capitalism works only for a small majority. In China, poverty has inded decreased. Neither the Chinese government nor the US Trump administration considers the Chinese economy capitalist. The Chinese government calls it ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’. The Trump administration reproaches the communist party-led Chinese government with having too much economic influence, making the country, according to them, non-capitalist.


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