‘Biggest polluters are rich right-wing males’

This 29 July 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

There’s Literally Nowhere In The US Where You Can Escape Corporate Pollution

According to newly published scientific studies, the air quality and pollution levels in America’s national parks – some of them hundreds of miles away from any cities or factories – is almost as bad as it is in industrial areas. This means that pollution in this country is so widespread that there is nowhere you can escape from it. At the same time, our own EPA is trying to give away the farm and let corporations get away with even more pollution, putting us all in danger. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

According to Dutch daily Trouw today, the biggest polluters in the Netherlands are male; they vote for the right-wing pro-Big Business VVD party; and they are relatively highly educated.

Often, relatively highly educated people are also relatively rich (though that is not true for all individuals).

This Dutch NOS TV report on the research confirms that rich people pollute relatively more.

This is about pollution by individual consumers; not the bigger pollution by corporations in the Netherlands like Shell or Tata Steel.

3 thoughts on “‘Biggest polluters are rich right-wing males’

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