15 thoughts on “Pollution legal in Trump’s USA

  1. Automakers could be our best line of defense against the Trump administration’s latest environmental attack.

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has launched a major assault on families in America by rolling back fuel-efficiency standards. During the Obama administration, Ford executives voiced their support for increasing these clean car standards through 2025. However, after Trump’s inauguration, Ford quickly began lobbying to rollback the critical standards. With this move, Ford is putting its profits over our health, safety, and environment.

    But, here’s the catch: Ford will listen to their consumers. If we can pressure Ford enough to stand up to Trump and to stand WITH their customers, there’s a real chance that we can save clean car standards. But that will only happen if you speak out NOW.

    URGENT: Strong support for clean car standards is our best option for saving this critical environmental policy — contact Ford now »

    Clean car standards are one of the last policies we have in place to combat climate change. But without these standards, we will take a giant step backward in the fight against climate change, and our communities — especially low-income and communities of color — will be subjected to even dirtier air.

    But automakers are currently on track to meet the the original goals laid out by President Obama. Already, America’s clean car standards have saved drivers more than $60 billion at the gas pump and counting. And with cleaner cars comes cleaner air — helping the 25 million Americans who suffer from asthma. We can’t afford to stop this progress now.

    When Trump was inaugurated, many automakers lobbied for the clean car standards to be rolled back. That’s why Trump thinks that he is doing them a favor with this latest environmental assault. But after massive public backlash, automakers like Ford have started to change their tune — they know, unlike our president, that they are beholden to the people of this country.

    Big car companies like Ford rely on consumers and a positive image to stay in business, so we know that that our activism can work. Some automakers have started to distance themselves from the Trump administration, but they haven’t done enough — they need to tell Trump and Pruitt to stop this assault on our clean air completely.

    If we make enough noise now and demand that Ford stick up for clean cars, they’ll have no choice but to go even further. And if we can win them over, they might just be able to sway Trump and Pruitt.

    We know that Trump cares deeply about what industry leaders think. As their consumers, tell Ford to stand up to Trump and Pruitt to save the clean car standards before it’s too late »

    Lola, in the Trump era, we have to get creative with how we save our environmental protections. We can still make progress, but only if we rally together now. Will you join us?

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Digital Advertising Coordinator
    League of Conservation Voters


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  5. WOW! WOW! WOW! Scott Pruitt just resigned from his post as EPA Administrator. Constant scandals, egregious pandering to polluters, and outrageous attacks on sound environmental protections FINALLY led to his overdue resignation.

    This never would have happened without you. You played a huge role in getting him out. LCV members kept up the pressure — calling on senators to push for Pruitt’s removal, writing letters to the editor in local papers, and directly calling on Pruitt to step down. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    And now comes the hard part — the confirmation fight over the next EPA Administrator. It’s looking like Trump will nominate Andrew Wheeler — current #2 at EPA, and former coal and uranium lobbyist. We have a short window to sink this nomination — we need to move quickly.

    The EPA Administrator confirmation fight will be massive. Please take a moment and chip in to LCV’s campaign to defeat Trump’s next anti-environment EPA Administrator »

    Wheeler has notoriously opposed environmental safeguards. While serving as an aide to one of the biggest climate change deniers out there, Senator Inhofe, Wheeler worked to pass legislation that would have dangerously delayed critical actions to reduce climate change. And as a lobbyist for some of the biggest polluters in the country, including Murray Energy, we know that he has spent his career working against protections for clean air, clean water, and our precious public lands.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher. Wheeler has all of Trump’s standard qualifications to head the agency:
    ✔ Unfailing loyalty to Donald Trump
    ✔ Contempt for sound environmental policy
    ✔ A cheerleader and go-between for polluting industries

    But this is a fight we know we can win. Not only did we just take down the WORST EPA Administrator in history, but we’ve also stopped other anti-environment nominees. Trump was forced to withdraw his nomination for top environmental advisor, known climate denier Kathleen Hartnett White, because of public pressure and bad publicity. And in December after a large public outcry, Michael Dourson, a shill for the chemical industry, was forced to withdraw from consideration for a top spot regulating chemicals at the EPA. If we start now — we can win.

    We cannot let the Senate make the same mistake it did when it confirmed Pruitt. That will only happen if we have the resources we need to put the pressure on our senators now.

    The clock is ticking, Lola. We forced Pruitt out and if we can stop potential anti-environment nominees like Andrew Wheeler, there is a real chance that we can change the course of this administration’s attacks on the environment and our health. But we can’t let up now.

    Chip in to LCV’s campaign to stop Trump’s next anti-environment nominee for EPA Administrator. Time is running out. Don’t miss this opportunity to have an impact on the fight over future of the EPA »

    Thanks for all you do.

    LCV’s Rapid Response Team


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