8 thoughts on “Trump helps polluting cars

  1. URGENT: The Trump administration is putting polluter profits over public health. Tell Congress to stop Trump’s assault on clean water »


    Communities across the country are more at-risk of being exposed to toxic pollution due to Trump’s relentless attacks on our clean water. Stand up to Trump’s efforts to gut water safeguards!


    We’re sounding the alarm, Lola. Our right to access clean drinking water is in jeopardy.

    Trump has launched an all-out assault on our water. Communities across the United States are suffering because of the Trump administration’s failure to address current water crises. From burying a report on toxic PFAS chemicals in our water to gutting commonsense drinking water protections like the Clean Water Act, Trump is selling out our drinking water to the highest corporate bidder.

    If we want to make real progress in providing clean drinking water for everyone in our country, LCV members like you must urge Congress to protect our clean water by standing up to Trump’s attacks and saying enough is enough. The time to act is NOW. The longer we wait, the greater the risk to the water our families and communities depend on.

    We cannot let this attack continue. Stand with communities across the United States and tell Congress not to support any legislation that hurts our water »

    Clean water is a basic human right. People of color—including tribal communities, border communities, and many living in rural areas—already disproportionately lack access to clean water. Trump’s new attacks will only deepen existing inequalities.

    Trump’s assault on clean water is coming on multiple fronts. Here are a few of the ways that Trump is putting our clean drinking water at risk:

    Moving to gut the Clean Water Act. Trump’s attack on the Clean Water Act risks protections for streams and wetlands that provide drinking water for 1 in 3 people in the United States. A new proposal, expected next month, could decimate safeguards for the drinking water of up to 117 million people and the majority of wetlands in the country that protect our communities from flooding.
    Hiding information about toxics in our water. New studies reveal that up to 110 million people could have dangerous PFAS chemicals in their drinking water, which are linked to numerous health problems. Yet, the Trump administration tried to prevent the release of a report on the dangers of PFAS because it feared a “public relations nightmare”— demonstrating again that they care more about the public image of chemical companies than our health.
    Allowing coal power plants to release unlimited waste. The Trump administration is trying to rollback Obama-era protections to limit the amount of arsenic, mercury, lead, and other seriously toxic pollutants coal plants release into our waterways.
    Greenlighting the destructive Pebble Mine in the iconic Bristol Bay. Trump is pushing the EPA to allow mining in Bristol Bay, which would cause irreparable damage to salmon runs, destroying Alaskan Native communities’ cultural traditions and harming all those who rely on the salmon for their livelihoods.
    Failing to update safeguards against lead. The Trump administration promised a “war on lead,” but it has failed to develop any updates to safeguards against lead in our water. No level of lead is safe, and we must remove all lead water pipes across the country, but the Trump administration is dragging its feet on requiring this absolutely critical step.

    And the weight of these attacks are not borne equally across all communities. The coal power plants that Trump wants to let release unlimited toxic waste into waterways are disproportionately located near communities of color. The aging lead pipes that Trump is failing to replace are more likely to bring water to the homes of African American and low-income families. Alaskan Native communities would be hugely impacted by the Pebble Mine Trump wants to greenlight in Bristol Bay. We have to stop these injustices.

    As Trump continues to demonstrate dangerous indifference to the state of our water, it is crucial that LCV members like you speak out now. If we don’t act, the Trump administration will continue to allow polluters to destroy our water at the expense of the health of our children and grandchildren. We must stand with the communities that are most impacted by water pollution. Will you act now and tell Congress to reject Trump’s assault on the waterways we all depend on?

    SIGN: Trump’s numerous attacks on clean water show a blatant disregard for basic human rights. Demand that ALL communities have access to clean, safe water »

    Thank you for acting.

    Madeleine Foote
    Legislative Representative
    League of Conservation Voters


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  7. LCV


    General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Toyota (the maker of the Prius!) just sided with Trump’s decision to attack California and 12 other states’ fuel-efficiency standards. We cannot let them get away with this — we need consumer pressure from people like YOU to get cleaner cars on the road. Tell automakers to increase fuel efficiency and decrease emissions!



    Some major automakers are backing Trump so that they can keep making cars that spew carbon emissions into our air — and they’re counting on consumers not to care. Show them they’re wrong. Sign now and demand clean cars for our health and climate »

    Toyota, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler just turned their backs on our health and environment, Lola.

    These automakers announced that they’re joining Trump’s efforts to weaken clean car standards that reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution and keep dangerous toxins out of our air. This is a huge blow to communities that are already breathing dirty air — especially communities of color and low-income communities that live where air pollution is worst. Consumers across the country want more fuel-efficient cars that will save them money at the gas pump and reduce pollution, not more gas guzzlers and toxic emissions.

    Let’s be clear: These car companies sided with Trump to protect their profits, and they’re counting on consumers to keep buying anyway. We have to raise hell right now and show automakers just how wrong they are. The only way to make them care is if consumers threaten their potential sales — we have to pressure auto CEOs enough to stand up to Trump and to stand WITH customers who want cleaner cars.

    But that will only happen if they hear from you NOW.

    Our climate and communities can’t take more polluting cars on the road. Contact auto CEOs now to demand cleaner cars »

    The transportation sector — including the cars we drive — is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Strong clean car standards is one of the best tools we have to fight the climate crisis.

    That’s why the Obama administration put in place fuel-efficiency goals — and the auto industry is already on track to meet those goals with new cleaner cars. But autos want to abandon the progress that they’ve already made to save a few extra bucks.

    But let’s be clear: Cleaner cars mean savings for families like yours and mine instead. These standards will save drivers more than $5,000 over a new car’s lifetime! And with cleaner cars comes cleaner air for the 25 million Americans who suffer from asthma — particularly people of color who live near busy roadways and have higher rates of asthma as a result. We can’t afford not to make the switch to cleaner cars.

    We know that companies like Toyota — with popular clean cars like the Prius — pride themselves on being seen as a sustainable car company, and they’re counting on that image to protect them from consumer backlash. It’s up to dedicated LCV supporters like us to shine a light on their hypocrisy and hold them accountable for our health.

    Because we spoke out so loudly when the Trump administration proposed rolling back clean car standards last year, auto-makers representing 30% of the U.S. car market broke with Trump to commit to higher standards — but our work isn’t done until all the big automakers have made the same commitment.

    If we make enough noise now and demand that car companies stick up for clean cars and cleaner air, they’ll have no choice but to take this step. And if we can win them over, we can push the U.S. auto market to send a strong rebuke to Trump and commit to making cleaner, safer cars available to all consumers. Will you join us and send a message to top automakers now?

    As consumers, tell these automakers to stand up to Trump and commit to clean car standards before it’s too late »

    Lola, in the Trump era, we have to get creative with how we advance climate action and protect our air. We can still make progress, but only if we hold corporate leaders accountable to the needs of the people, not their profit margins.

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Associate Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters


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