Volkswagen, other pollution, kills people

This video says about itself:

North American law firms sue Volkswagen for emissions fraud in diesel cars

Washington, September 24 2015 (EFE).- A number of North American law firms are have filed class action lawsuits against Volkswagen, claiming hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for emissions fraud in its diesel automobiles.

Not only the pollution by Volkswagen (and by other car manufacture corporations) turns out to be worse than thought previously.

Its consequences turn out to be worse as well.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Working in diesel smoke more harmful than thought

Today, 06:59

People who have worked for years in diesel fumes, like construction workers and garage staff, more often die from lung cancer than has been assumed until now. So says a draft report by the Health Council which the NOS has.

The report shows that a lifetime of working in a large quantity of diesel smoke leads to seven additional deaths in a hundred workers (to be precise 689 out of 10,000). Until now it was assumed that it was about one extra death from lung cancer.

Diesel smoke damages health of Amsterdam bus drivers: here.

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