Asbestos in Claire’s children’s makeup

This 13 March 2018 CBS News TV video from the USA says about itself:

Claire’s makeup tests positive for asbestos, group says

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) says it found asbestos in tests of several makeup products from the popular retailer Claire’s. Claire’s says its products are safe and asbestos-free. PIRG president Faye Park joins CBSN to discuss their findings.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘Asbestos in makeup is worrying, throw these products away’

The finding of asbestos in make-up from the US American company Claire’s is very worrying, experts say. Asbestos is a carcinogen. “The health risk is small, but exposure must be avoided, which is a good reason to remove the product from the market”, says toxicologist Majorie van Duursen of Utrecht University.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate reported after research that Claire’s makeup contained the banned substance. The American retail chain has many branches in the Netherlands and focuses primarily on children and teenagers. …

Airtight to the landfill

Worried parents can throw away the powders, the inspectorate advises. “Double-pack and airtight packaging and transport waste to the garbage collection as asbestos-containing waste.” The consequences of asbestos often only manifest themselves after years. People who want health advice can contact the municipal health services.

Claire’s has now removed these products from the shelves. Ronald van Welie from the Dutch cosmetics association thinks this is a sensible decision. “Asbestos is a prohibited substance and should not be included in cosmetic products.” …

This type of asbestos, tremolite, is in the talc that has been incorporated into the powders. When extracting the mineral talc, asbestos can also be accidentally excavated. The banned substance eventually ends up in powders and other make-up. The contamination has not been detected by Claire’s and so the products have ended up on the market with asbestos.

After signs from the United States about asbestos in make-up, David de Vreede of the Asbestos Victims Committee and EenVandaag TV show warned the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority [NVWA] at the end of December last year. They decided not to take any action after consultation with the American colleagues of the FDA.

The inspection later examined the make-up, but according to the Committee they looked at products without talc, such as lip gloss. Mistaken investigation techniques were also used. In February, the Inspectorate subsequently concluded that there was no asbestos in the makeup that was being investigated.

Asbestos after all

After parliamentary questions from the Socialist Party and GroenLinks to State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Health and new signals from the USA, it came to another investigation, after which it was established that two products of Claire’s contain asbestos after all. The Asbestos Victims Committee is pleased that this is clear now, but is not pleased with the conduct of the NVWA, the Inspectorate and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

In the meantime, State Secretary van Veldhoven has insisted on a comprehensive investigation into talc in cosmetic products and the RIVM [health inspectorate] will examine whether further steps should be taken in the interests of public health. The Asbestos Victims and EenVandaag Committee is also conducting their own research into asbestos in makeup. The results are expected this week.

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