Worldwide students’ climate strike today

This video says about itself:

School strikes were held across Australia today, 15 March 2019, but it was the students, not the teachers, leading the charge. The strikes were held to demand more meaningful climate action from the government; something the organising students believe to be truly lacking.

In Sydney, thousands of students congregated at Town Hall Square to demand more action on the world’s climate change disaster. Students then marched to Hyde Park through the city streets, many of which were closed down for the march. It’s the second nationwide strike since November 2018 and there’s no sign of them stopping anytime soon.

Australia joins 111 other countries who have taken up the charge in the name of climate action. Sydney’s rally organiser, Jean Hinchliffe told Student Edge at November’s march that students would keep striking and making their voices heard until the government takes real action to curb the effects of climate change. “We’re definitely not stopping here; there’s a lot to organise from here,” Jean said.

This video, from Gisborne, in New Zealand, is called School Strike for Climate.

This video from France today is called LIVE: Students call for massive strike in Paris against climate change.

This video is called Fridays For Future: Live 15 March 2019 Climate Strike From Stockholm Sweden.

This video from Wales, where the weather was bad, is called Youth Climate Strike Swansea March 15th 2019.

This tweet from the Netherlands is about striking pro-climate students in Maastricht city today.

A new study published in Ecology Letters is using observations made by Henry David Thoreau — 19th-century American naturalist, social reformer, and philosopher — to explore the effects of climate change on tree leaf-out and, as a result, the emergence of spring wildflowers: here.

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