English students strike against global warming

Students from Luton, England striking against climate change, at Parliament Square in London

From daily News Line in London, England:

Saturday, 13 April 2019


HUNDREDS of school youth staged a strike [against] climate change in Parliament Square yesterday.

Lana Daly came with friends from west London and said: ‘The government needs to implement a strategy that cares for the environment. They need to listen to the science.

‘They just don’t seem to care about what happens in the future.’

Angel Innes came with her school friends from Luton and said: ‘We held a school strike in Luton in March and that was really successful. We are demanding action from the government on climate change. There are so many of us leaving school now that want change.’

Students take part in a strike for the climate crisis outside Parliament Square, London, as demonstrations are planned in towns and cities across the UK as part of the YouthStrike4Climate movement

By Marcus Barnett in Britain, Friday, April 12, 2019:

Thousands of students warn May to act on climate change

Britain’s major cities swamped as #YouthStrike4Climate mounts huge protest

Britain: Activists demand HSBC bank stop funding war and global climate change: here.

This German tweet is about the Berlin pro-climate strike yesterday.

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