Global pro-climate strikes, 20-27 September

British school students and supporters on 8 September 2019 urged the TUC to back global school strikes on 20th September with a 30 minute stoppage

This photo shows British school students and supporters on 8 September 2019 urging the Trades Unions Congress to back global school strikes on 20th September with a 30-minute stoppage.

From the Global Climate Strike site, 6 September 2019:

Global Climate Strikes to Take Place in 117 countries

  • With two weeks to go until the September 20th climate strikes roll out across the world, there are over 2,500 events registered.
  • Momentum for the strikes has been building across the world as strikers pledge to take action during the week of climate strikes and action around the UNSG summit being held in New York, September 2019.
  • A broad coalition of grassroots organisations including Fridays for Future, NGO’s, unions, businesses, scientists, teachers, faith leaders and celebrities will take to the streets to demand urgent action to stop climate breakdown.

A representative for Fridays for the Future said: “The Global Climate Strikes are fast approaching. Time is running out to implement the changes we need to tackle the climate crisis and create a better world. Youth strikers have called for adults to stand with them and support their demands for climate justice. Now is that moment.”

8 thoughts on “Global pro-climate strikes, 20-27 September

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