Coronavirus disaster in Donald Trump´s USA

This 17 April 2020 video from the USA shows how supporters of Donald Trump and his ‘billionaire profits above human lives’ policies stop medical workers from caring for sick people.

It says about itself:

Social Distance Protest Blocks Medical Staff From Work | NowThis

Anti-quarantine protesters are blocking health care workers from reaching their patients in Michigan.

In US news and current events today, thousands of drivers blocked medical staff from getting to work in a protest against stay-at-home restrictions. Protesters clogged miles of streets around the Michigan state capitol to put pressure on Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her stay-at-home order that they view as excessive.

‘Operation Gridlock’ was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund, which is linked to the DeVos family.

The billionaire family of Betsy DeVos, Trump´s Secretary of Miseducation. And about the only cabinet member whom Trump has not fired.

Protesters were instructed to stay in their cars, honk, & cause a traffic jam. There were reportedly chants of ‘Lock her Up!’ and ‘We will not comply!’

This blocking the work of medical staff had the support of United States neonazi website the Daily Stormer.

Trump supporter blocking medical staff from working

U.S. DEATH TOLL SKYROCKETS The number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. in 24 hours rose to 4,591 people, more than double the previous record set on Wednesday. Most of the deaths are in New York, an epicenter of the pandemic. The number of cases globally topped 2 million this week. [HuffPost]

Controlling epidemics? The WHO had the answer 40 years ago: here.

‘HOW MANY LIVES CAN WE SAVE?’ The enduring city of Detroit is framed as a comeback town, ready for revival. But the coronavirus is taking a massive toll there, both in terms of lives lost and lives changed. HuffPost and Type Investigations spoke with dozens of health care workers, patients and officials to get an up-close and detailed look at the city’s response to the threat. Their stories are full of raw emotion, but also innovation and triumph. [HuffPost]

ANOTHER TRUMP POLLUTION ROLLBACK The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to be stopping the Environmental Protection Agency from loosening safety regulations. The agency has finalized a proposal to relax limits on oil– and coal-fired power plants’ emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants. The change gives more weight to economic costs and less weight to public health considerations. [HuffPost]

THE STIMULUS ISN’T ENOUGH — The government is doing a great job helping big businesses and the rich. But working families and small businesses laid low by the pandemic are quickly burning through federal aid, showing that one check is not enough. [HuffPost]

TRIBES NOT RECEIVING AID Native American tribes aren’t receiving desperately needed aid because the Treasury doesn’t listen to them and doesn’t know how to work with then, said Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.), the vice chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. The coronavirus could hit tribal communities especially hard. [HuffPost]

POOR SERVICE FOR RESTAURANT WORKERS The foodservice industry, hardest hit by the pandemic, isn’t getting the most help from the Paycheck Protection Program. The program gives loans to businesses to help cover payroll. Banks are overseeing the chaotic process. [HuffPost]

Ivanka Trump defies virus guidelines for Passover trip to Trump resort.

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  4. The Trump Administration’s missteps and delays during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately put us behind the curve on testing. Now, there is no time to waste.

    This week, I helped announce Senate Democrats’ plan to get our nation back on track. We’re calling for a dramatic increase in testing, making free tests available for everyone who needs them, optimizing our supply chain to focus on testing, and more.

    With a national testing strategy in place, we can begin to ease our social distancing efforts and get back to work, school, and daily life. Will you join us in the call for a testing plan, Lola? Add your name now.

    Our plan calls for funding to rapidly expand testing, produce new fast and reliable tests, and ensure that people across the country can get tested. Until we take these important steps, we will not be able fully reopen our country, get back to work, and put this difficult period behind us.

    Democrats laid out this roadmap because we need real leadership as we navigate this crisis. Dramatically expanding access to rapid testing will save lives and help get our nation back on track — and that’s why it is critically important that we push as hard as we can to get this done.

    Are you with me in the fight, Lola? Sign on now to make your voice heard.

    Thank you,

    Senator Patty Murray

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    Right now, utilities across the country are SHUTTING OFF families’ water in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Fight back now and urge elected officials across the nation to take emergency actions to preserve access to water for everyone.


    URGENT: Now more than ever, families NEED access to clean, safe drinking water. Sign now and tell elected leaders to pass a moratorium on ALL water shut-offs and restore access to water for families across the country »

    I am appalled, Lola.

    At the same time that public health experts are calling for everyone to frequently wash their hands to prevent the spread of Covid-19, millions of families don’t have clean water at home, and even more are vulnerable to losing it. Utilities throughout the country are continuing to shut off water for families who can’t afford to pay bills — as millions are unable to go into work, facing unemployment, and barely able to make ends meet due to the Covid-19 crisis.

    This crisis has exposed and exacerbated our national crisis of water insecurity: There are already over 15 million people — disproportionately people of color — across the country that are going without running water, mainly because they can’t afford to pay for it.

    That’s 1 out of every 20 households in the United States living without clean water, a basic human right. Families shouldn’t have to choose between losing access to water — and access to basic sanitation and hygiene — or putting food on the table during this pandemic.

    We can’t let this injustice continue. That’s why we’re joining our partners across the nation to call on state and federal officials to immediately reverse and prevent water shut-offs and provide emergency water resources to families in need. In this moment of crisis, it’s critical that we have 10,000 LCV supporters like you speak out today to put the pressure on our leaders to act — will you sign now and join us in this critical fight to ensure communities have access to water?

    These are not new problems, Lola. Millions of people — especially communities of color, Indigenous communities, and low income communities — already suffer from failing water infrastructure, polluted water supplies, unaffordable water rates, and many other water issues that make it even more difficult to survive in this time of chaos and crisis.

    In a time where frequent handwashing is essential to preventing Covid-19’s deadly spread, people urgently need clean, safe water running from their faucets. We cannot allow water shut-offs to further harm the lives of the communities who are already disproportionately impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

    States and the federal government have the tools to act now to:

    Stop devastating utility shut-offs and restore water access for families that have already had their taps turned off;
    Make real investments in our clean water infrastructure;
    AND make sure that EVERYONE has access to water throughout this crisis and beyond.

    States like Michigan have already shown that it’s possible to put in place moratoriums on water shut-offs and turn back on water for families that previously lost access. Now, it’s up to advocates like us to push for these protections to be in place for ALL families across the country.

    The U.S. House of Representatives has already proposed a ban on utility shut-offs during the pandemic and grant $1.5 billion to help pay low-income families’ water bills. This is the moment when we have to be incredibly loud if we want to have a chance at passing these protections through Congress. If we don’t act right now, millions more families will lose access to their water — which would make the Covid-19 crisis even worse.

    Sign now and be one of 10,000 advocates we need to demand TODAY that all communities have access to clean, safe water before it’s too late!

    By raising our voices together, we can make sure families have clean water and save lives.

    Thank you so much for joining this fight.

    Elizabeth Jacob
    Associate Digital Campaigns Manager
    League of Conservation Voters


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